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  1. Project Grandad

    Ha ha @ stoney. At least I can appreciate both sides :) just not keen on new stuff. Also the thought of a Saab motor crossed my mind last night? Anyone know or seen one done?
  2. Project Grandad

    I already own a corsa as well! I am that wee idot lol how much power could be possible from them? I know the Vaux ones you don't get much with out spending a fortune. what power standard? 220bph ish?
  3. Project Grandad

    something like the scorpio 3.0L? that was a cossie lump wasn't it?
  4. Project Grandad

    Hi, im new to this site and in the newbie section I have put that im newly back to fords and im looking for some advise and ideas on a possible new project. So my grandad passed away in December gone and I have been left with his 1995 Escort Estate, with the huge power hose in the form of the 1.8 d :s I had just decided to let it sell on but was only going to look at around £300 for it with tax and test still on it. I had a bit of a clean up of it today and I have realised that its really worth more than £300 in sentimental value. So after giving it a bit of a clean out and wash I have found that its a reasonably clean shell and with only 71k on the clock! So with this in mind and with my love of Vauxhall I was possibly thinking of going for a Vaux power plant? possibly a c20let or even V6? has anyone ever done a ford Vaux combination on here with on of these? I could be very willing to stick with a ford power plant in the equivilant yb or cossie v6. I know to do this its going to be a case of changing the fuel tand and a few other bits and pieces along the way. I would just like peoples thought and ideas on the idea. cheers stevo
  5. Hi, I have been into cars in general for the last 10-15 year, even though my first couple of cars were fords I did end up and still love the Vauxhalls :s (await the abuse to follow! ha ha) But as it happens im now in possession of another ford and the thought of a project might be on the books :) so I thought I would join up and see what info I can on it all- I will post up more details in the correct section stevo turbo
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums stevo turbo :)