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  1. Unexplained Battery Drain

    I've just had my first encounter with unexplained battery drain on a 2010 reg S-Max Ecoboost. Car was last used on a Thursday afternoon, and battery was dead by Sunday morning, registering just under 6V on a meter. The lights were not left switched or left on overnight. The AA came over, and jump-started the vehicle - the battery started charging immediately at the correct voltage - the battery is receiving charge so it is OK, and the alternator is OK as well. After about 10 minutes the AA technician turned the engine off - the lights, radio and other electrical systems appeared to switch off when the engine was cut. He then measured the level of ambient discharge/drain from the battery. This was where it started becoming odd. While it can take some time for the car to shut down completely, this was what was observed: - For about 5 min, the level of discharge remained at 0.4A for about 5 minutes, but every now and then it would spike up momentarily to about 1-2A and then stabilize at 0.4A - After about another 3-5 min, the drain decreased steadily to 0.3A, then 0.2A and 0.1A after which measurements were stopped. The AA advised me have the electrics checked out by Ford as they weren't sure of what the problem was. Anyone has a clue? It'll be helpful before I take the car in and end up paying money to diagnose where the problem lies - which Ford may not detect. Thanks, Ernest
  2. I've got a S-Max 2.0 petrol Ecoboost SCTi (203PS version) and need to know what is the correct size for the front brake discs. Confusingly, some websites selling car parts tell me it's 300mm diameter, others 316mm. I think the 300mm is for diesels and I think, also for the older pre-ecoboost/non-turbo petrols. The 316mm seems to be for the older 2.5L petrol Turbo. Does anyone know better? Thanks
  3. Screeching Noise When Reversing

    It is an 2.0L Automatic
  4. I get a very audible low-pitched noise when my S-Max is reversing - almost always when the brakes are applied when parking the vehicle. Any idea what's causing it? I'm not sure if it has got to do with the brake pads or discs because I don't get the same problem when the brakes are applied during normal forward driving. Thanks for any feedback, Ernest
  5. I'm looking for suggestions and recommendations as to how to improve the ride quality. The roads around my area are generally poor and my S-Max thuds about when going through potholes (some of them quite deep) and bumps, even at low speeds of ~15 mph. Otherwise, the occasional journey on motorways and most A roads is generally good, although I'd say there's always room for road grip to improve. Wheels and tires are the factory standard 17" alloys. Vehicle has clocked about ~20k miles. Is it worth changing the OE shock absorbers, and if so what should I change them to?
  6. Brake Fluid Levels Empty/low

    I just noticed that the brake/clutch fluid resevoir in my S-Max was pretty much empty, i.e. below the Min line. I thought that this is kind of strange, as it was serviced 4 months ago and definitely had a full top up. So I'm not sure what happened in between those two times. I am pretty sure that it was ok maybe a month ago. When I drive the car, it all seems normal so this is rather strange. On consulting the manual, it says to have it checked out asap, rather than just advising you to top it up which would have been sort of the instinctive thing to do. Wondering if something else is amiss that I should be concerned with? Any advice appreciated.
  7. I've got a strange problem with the control panel on the driver's side door which controls the mirrors as well as the electric windows, 1. The controls work in reverse: front and back are mixed up, and so are left and right. Applies to both for windows as well as the wing mirror adjustments. Both still function and operate normally, just that it's rather annoying. 2. The child safety lock button on the same control panel DOES NOT seem to work, and I had a scare when my daughter reached out of her toddler car seat and managed to open the door whilst we were driving. Clearly this is not just annoying but a security problem - I'm using the manual child lock for now. I'm wondering if: - the two problems are linked - if this could have been caused by the garage which fixed a broken (driver's side) wing mirror very recently. Thanks for any comments received
  8. Air Filter Replacement

    Would anyone recommend changing the original air filter (due for replacement) with an aftermarket or branded e.g. K&N etc. one? Cost issues aside, what are the pros and cons of doing so? Many thanks,
  9. Power Fold Mirrors

    Hi I'm new to this forum and have got a facelift 2010 S-Max Titanium. Recently someone smashed my right wing mirror in whilst my car was parked overnight and now needs some replacement parts. I am now also considering getting power folding mirrors as careless driving seems to be a problem on my street. 1. Has any one converted from normal to power folding mirrors? Is this a straightforward change, i.e. plug and play? 2. Does anyone know what bulb I need to get for the side indicator lights? Any comments/advice appreciated. Many thanks,
  10. 18 Inch Wheels & Tramlining

    I've got a 2010 S-Max Titanium with standard 17" factory alloys and where the tyres will need replacing in the next few months and am considering fitting 18" wheels instead. Has anybody had any experience or known issues from going from 17" to 18" wheels without sport suspension? (I am not looking to upgrade the suspension, not that I know how to anyway.) I drive mostly on local roads where the quality is ok, with the occasional 50mile motorway journey once/twice a month. There is of course the cost issue with getting 18" alloys, but I'd appreciate any views and comments received.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums ernesteng :)