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  1. Parking Sensors

    Thanks for that jeebowhite, The reverse lights both illuminate, when i was stood behind the car with my wife at the wheel the sensors started beeping to indicate an obstruction, but i was only @ 4-5 inches from bumper?? The grill i managed to get off you were right it is just clips that need a little firm pressure to release......took the headlight out and what an almighty faff on trying to get the sidelight bulb out....not enough play on the wire to lift it straight up and out have to angle it putting pressure on the wires and forcing bulb through the hole!!!! Thanks for your replies very helpful Cheers Mick
  2. Parking Sensors

    Hi guys, Well we have picked up our 07 2.0 TDCI Ghia X 130......have to say it's a lovely car so smooth and sure footed with lots of toys :D however i have a couple of questions that i cant find answers to in the manual if thats ok... 1. When you put the car in reverse the sensors bleeps to state it's activated but then nothing happens when reversing no warning sounds or anything, there is no other sound to indicate there may be a fault any suggestions? 2. When the stereo is first switched on it displays 'Not Configured' what does this mean? 3. The drivers side side light is out i have tried to remove the grill to get at the front cluster but it seems very stiff and i dont want to yank it in case i break it...the wife would kill me :P is it supposed to have some resistance? Thanks for any and all help Mick
  3. Hi everyone, Just thought i would say hi, i'm from sunny Sunderland (just not so sunny at the mo :P ) my wife and i are waiting to pick up an 07 2.0 TDCI Ghia X, and i have been reading through the forums and found a LOT of useful information so decided to join so i can ask some questions. Thanks for having me questions to follow in appropriate places :D
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums yekim_4321 :)