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  1. 12V Socket

    Thank you managed to replace the fuse, had to try every 20A one tho as no numbers marked on the box. And yes it was the last one i tried!!!
  2. 12V Socket

    Hi, my 12v socket has stopped working, i tried 2 different chargers in it and no joy. I only recently bought the car and it did not come with a manual (1.6 LX Focus). Can someone tell me where the fuses are and if possible which fuse it is i may need to change, i just hope thats all the problem is. Many thanks
  3. Ford Focus Brakes Locking In Morning

    Thank you both for your comments. Is the bang/clang noise i hear doing it any harm?
  4. Hi there, i have recently bought a 2006 Ford Focus, and there are one or two little niggles bothering me. Mainly the brakes sometimes seem to be locked on in the morning, and as i try to pull away there is resistance and a bang noise from the rear of the car, also straight after this the first time i touch the brakes pedal it brakes hard and sudden but then goes to normal. One other thing and this may be simple to sort, but the general road noise seems quite loud from the car, would the tyres be making alot of difference?
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Goonie99 :)