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  1. Hello, This is my first post here and I'm looking for some help. I have a 2008 1.8TDCI titanium with 88k on the clock. Last week my car totally cut out as if it had been stalled whistle driving slowly. Its started up straight away, since then the MPG not been working properly. Also the same day my ABS light flashed on and my speedo when stupid and whizzed round, a few hours later I got a warning on my dash saying power steering malfunction. The car was running fine tho. Turned it off and cleared the lights no problem. It has driven fine since then except the MPG continues to go up and up when driving and then when on tick-over it starts to come down at around 0.1 per 2 seconds. Today when i arrived at work and turned the car off, the keys were still in the ignition and all the lights on the dash were flashing, the interior light made a noise before the whole thing just went dead. I wasn't able to lock the car and it wouldn't re-start. I did notice the other day the clock had lost around 10 mins when i came out from work and thought nothing of it. After about 15 mins thing morning the car re-started fine. The it did the same again when I took the keys out, again left it and again it re-started, I've just been out (hours later) and it's fine. Can anyone give any advise as to what they think it may be. Could it be the cluster or does it sound like something else? I've had the car 2 years and not had any issues with it as such. In November it was leaking antifreeze as there was a crack in the main unit, sorry cant remember what it was called but it was a little black thing. Could this have caused some damage anywhere, also the starter was replaced about 12 months ago. Thank you!! T
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums hailey :)