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  1. c max spare wheel

    my fusion has 15" wheels but the space saver is 14" as standard so maybe the one for your car is 16" there are speed restrictions when using the space saver as its just ment to be a temp solution
  2. Front Screen Wash

    the only thing i can think of is the nossle is blocked try clearing it with a pin also put some screen wash liquid in it
  3. Anyone know where i can download the owners handbook for A ford fusion (2009) in something like a pdf format ? Thank you
  4. c max spare wheel

    Try this website http://www.247spares.co.uk. I managed to find a space saver (used) for my ford fusion for £35.00 delivered the other thing is do you have the Car jack and the Wheel brace because you might want to search for those too
  5. new ford fusion

    Just bought a new Ford Fusion zetec 1.4 petrol manual moondust silver for £8900 (with £700) trade in for my 10 year old vauxhall astra). A few supprises no spare wheel wheel brace or jack (even though it states in the brochure that the zetec comes with one as standard). From reading the forum I found out that this is now a zero cost option,which the sales person forgot to offer me (funny because she managed to mention all the options that would have cost me more money!!) also no service book or owners book (Its in the post!!) And after I had done all the paper work and paid all the money ,she informed me that the spare key was broken and the key for the locking wheel nuts was missing and could i pop back for an hour on friday to get the new key .Then yesterday after she failed to phone me I phoned her, and the pop back for an hour turned into 5 hours with no offer of a loan car. So far she has offered me the space saving spare wheel at cost price with them then paying half the cost.Although she didn't know the price of the wheel and failed to phone me back with it even though she promised me that she would before she left work (so i'm guessing she must live in the dealership) other minor points are big globs of glue on the inside of the nearside rear door and the fact i had to clip on some of the trim as whoever was building the car couldn't be bothered. I bought this car from the main ford dealer Dagenham motors in Enfield. Lets hope things improve on the service front although i'm left with a feeling of impending doom.I'll let you know how things turn out. Also any advice would be greatfully recieved.I did read on reviews of this car that the 1.4 petrol was sluggish but i haven't found it so. I had a 1.6 8v Astra G before this and it feels pretty nippy compared to that. All the plastics feel cheaper than the Astra and I get a feeling things will break if treated roughly. I'm 18 stone and 6ft 3" and have no trouble with driving position, nor does my wife who is 5ft 2" and 9 stone. I was going to buy a second hand car but I thought the deal on the fusion was pretty good.Probably because of there will be a Fiesta Bmax coming out in 2010.I got a full years road tax thrown in too .All in All i'M happy so far with the car but deeply unhappy with the Dealership service. update just taken the car in to get the new spare key and wheel locking nuts key. Guess what they have thrown away the broken key which i never saw .So as far as i know somewhere out there there is a key that opens my car. Spoke to the manager who refused to give me the spare wheel for free so i had to pay £75.00 for it and the jack and wheel brace.But i get to keep the glue crap and a free vallet.
  6. Just a quick hi to say hello to everyone on the forum Just bought a new Ford Fusion Zetec 1.4 petrol for £8900 (with £700) trade in for my 10 year old Vauxhall astra).