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  1. Hi, I have a 2011 Mark 2.5 Ford Focus with a build in GPS system using an SD Card. I purchased a new card 2014 from Ford and since then I have had problems on locations. I also can not get TMC information. The problem was so bad that I was being told that I was on A329M when I was between Swindon and Newbury and it go worse - in fact I was about 30 - 40 miles from the A329M. I have tried changing SD card back to old version but makes no difference. The New card was a TomTom card. How can I get back the TMC and get the new card to function as it should!! Any help will be welcome. jetainton
  2. Focus 2011 1.6 Tdi Engine Management System Fault

    Hi Mike, The codes are P1412, P0489, P042E, P0698 and are all linked to the EGR valve and system. Thanks JT
  3. Focus 2011 1.6 Tdi Engine Management System Fault

    Hi Mike, Thanks for your reply and yes it is the EGR VALVE stuck open. Codes
  4. I have owned a 2011 Ford Focus 1.6 TDI (not current model) for the last year without any problems until recently, the car is still in warranty 2 out of 3 years. The engine management warning activated and there was a slight loss of power but the system seemed ok after a few minutes and as the service was due I advised the local Ford dealership when I booked the car in for its 24k mile service. The service team could not find any fault codes on the system management log and advised that all was ok. Just over a week later while returning from local shopping about 1.5 miles from home on a very busy road, the engine management warning and alarm activated and the car stopped dead and the engine would not restart. The RAC attended and tried to solve the problem using their diagnostic PC to check for faults, this identified that a valve and its control system had “frozen” open allowing excessive air to flow into the engine. Despite removing and cleaning the value it would not function. A temporary fix was made which got me home and down to the main Ford dealer 20 miles away and they have been unable to find the fault codes on the car system. The RAC technician had provided the fault codes but the Ford dealer said it could not use them or find them on the car system. As it was likely the RAC Tech had wiped the codes during his attempts to restart the engine. The dealer has now advised that as the faults codes cannot be viewed by Ford (HO) then the work is not covered by the warranty. The Ford dealer has also advised that should the car breakdown again then no attempt at restarting the engine should be made as this would probably wipe the fault codes and the car should be taken to a Ford dealer for further investigation. This is really a crazy situation as I cannot find any advice about not allowing the RAC technician to problem solve a car breakdown and to just tow it to the Ford dealer. Any ideas how to resolve this problem?
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums jetainton :)