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  1. Engine Number

    So far I have been given ffive different variations of what a focus engine number looks like, Somebody out there must have a 1600 focus V5 and can tell what is recorded on that, 3 letters + 5 numbers or just 5 numbers, or 2 letters + 4 numbers + 1 letter. Please Heeeeeeeeeelp
  2. Engine Number

    Just to help in my hunt for the engine number, can anyone give me an example of a focus engine number, so I will recognise it if I do find a number.
  3. Engine Number

    Sorry about that, I have a Ford Focus 2005 MK.II, 1600, Petrol Auto, LHD Estate. I need the number to apply for a UK reg. Number, so I don't have a V5 to refer to.
  4. Engine Number

    Can anyone tell me where i can find the engine number, on a 2005 1600 petrol estate. :)
  5. Removing A Focus Instrument Cluster

    Thanks John, All seems to be working fine now :D all thats left now is to sort an insurance company that will insure the car on the VIN number. while I wait for the UK registration number.
  6. Removing A Focus Instrument Cluster

    Thanx Clive, managed to remove the cluster and change the face plate but now the speedo and rev counter are not working, it's just not my day, I have checked the plug and that is secure, so I must have done something wrong when I removed and replaced the needles on the dials, fuel gauge and temp gauge are working ok,
  7. Removing A Focus Instrument Cluster

    I had to drop the steering to access and remove the allen screws, there is something else holding the cluster at the top. but thanks anyway
  8. Removing A Focus Instrument Cluster

    The car is a LHD 2005 MK II 1.6 Petrol Auto Estate
  9. Hi I hope somebody out there can help me, when i returned to the UK from Spain I brought my Ford Focus Estae with me, I now want to get it put on UK plates and have changed all the lights but now need to change the instrument cluster face plate so that the speedo reads in MPH, I removed the cover ontop of the steering column and removed the two allen screws securing the bottom of the custer, these apear to be the only retaining screws, the bottom of the cluster now moves forward about 2cm but then wont budge any further. It is possible that it is held by clips but I am reluctant to try forcing it without knowing, can anybody help pleeeeeese
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums alanrlaw :)