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  1. Hi All. I've got a problem with my Ford Focus MK1 door locking The problem I've got is when I close my door(either side) I can only open the door through the passenger side. I haven't got a key fob so I have lock it manually. I've heard its a common fault through the key fob/central locking nut no issues by doing it manually. Any Help/Suggestions would be appreciated. YnyrCymru
  2. Hi all I'm sure this topic has been up alloy but I need Ideas to make my 2003 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec SE faster/ better acceleration. This will be need to be done at a reasonable cost. And would remap benefit and 10 year old car? Thanks is advance.
  3. Ok thanks will try that in the near future. I did and emission test on Friday and it passed without a problem. Also I put a Diagnostics Computer on it (Snap On Solus Pro) and went to the live data and did some readings, but I cant be sure what there supposed to be. Here are some that could help. O2 Sensor (Bank 1,before Cat) (mV)-563 O2 Sensor (Bank 1,After Cat) (mV)-5 Injection Time Bank 1 (ms) -3.3 Cylinder Head Temperature (V)-0.60...........This ones seems dodgy to me? Engine idling about 1000 RPM Cylinder Head Temperature (V)-3.58 Engine RPM on 3000 Injector 2 Output Fault-Its switching between YES and NO all the time while the other 3 Injectors are Fine. A lot of Data I know but I want to know your verdict gentleman. Thanks again!
  4. First of all thank you very much for all of your replies! Steff123-I did haver a new coil pack 6 months ago, so I might be idea to give that change. The case with piston rings is that its only done 75,000,abit low for the rings to go don't you think? But one of my mates did think the same, and it could be a solution. artscot79-Yes I know but there's more soot than normal cars on it and it would back the fact that the car is running rich? A lot of people have suggested that they are pre measured at the wrong gap so I might take them out to gap them properly. And with the cone filter I know the disadvantage but I really doubt it would do that much of a difference? And I did make one full tank run with panel filter and I was more the less same (roughly 26-29MPG) Mick85-i may sound dumb but what's a dry and wet compression test? will check those sensors cheers. wase16ll- I'm going to do and emissions test on it, hopefully that will answer a lot of questions and I could work from there Thanks again for your replies I do appreciate it!!
  5. Hi thanks for you're reply, it's greatly appreciated. It was roughly about 1/4 to half a litre of oil,it was on low and after I put oil on it it was on MAX. I did think to check but I didn't as the gap is supposedly correct from the supplier? Yes I knew it would drop its MPG but would it make that much of a different and also there isn't that much difference because I've tried the normal panel filter as well. The car was run for a bit so I was hot and running at optimum temperature I think? I've had a quick check on the breathers and they look normally. I did think it could be a sensor but which one? Thank you very much for your help!
  6. Right my first post on this forum so please forget the bad spelling mistakes I do hah! My car is a 2003 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec SE done about 75,000miles. Im a 17 year old apprentice mechanic, and this is my first car. I bought the car back in March this year and when I first tried it I was misfiring like a Bi*ch but a new coil pack and spark plugs sorted this problem. Anyway I noticed after few months driving my car I noticed its fuel economy was awful averaging about 26.5 mpg!! So I gave it a service about month and half ago. The fuel and oil filer was changed (didn't change the air filter because I just fitted a Cone air filter on it). I knew with the Zetec's that it had to have a special kind of oil so I put the specific oil in it. Now the problem-I looked the oil level on a dipstick 2 weeks ago and I noticed I was below low so I added about 1/4 litre of oil into it. So I checked again last Saturday (30/11/2013) on the dipstick and it was on low AGAIN! And I've only done about 100 miles. Also I changed my spark plugs again that day and they were black and oily. I've asked my lecturer in collage what he that was the problem, so he started my car and listened as I said I wasn't running 100%,with one cylinder sounding dodgy was his opinion. And also he noticed there was a lot off soot on my twin bore exhaust. So his thoughts was that the car was running rich(which would answer the poor fuel economy and burning oil). And the car is going good aswell! So what could be the problem? Thanks in advance gentleman!
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums YnyrCymru :)