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  1. New Bulbs. (Osram)

    Think cobalts are blue, Nightbreakers are the way to go mate ;-)
  2. Headlight Bulbs Recommendations Please

    Thanks for that, I'm thinking of getting the exact same bulbs, i don't think you have to get them realigned but to get the best from then you can.... Can you report back and let us know if the bulbs really make a difference, i did want white bulbs but apparently white is no good for dark rainy nights :-/
  3. New seat decals.... New badges.... Moz
  4. Headlight Bulbs Recommendations Please

    Anybody know best matching sidelights for Nightbreakers? Will the above LED ones be any good? Thanks
  5. Headlight Bulbs Recommendations Please

    I was wondering the same thing, what sidelights suit night breakers then? Im looking at Osram LEDS but would they match? http://www.powerbulbs.com/store/category/car-bulbs/fitting/w5w-501 Thanks Moz
  6. St170 Xenon Headlamps

    How much work would it be to fit xenons legally to my car as im starting to wish i bought a st170 with xenons already, as i like the look of them and the headlight washers, wouldnt ford be able to fit them? Or could i pay a garage to fit everything legally? Or is it so much work its not worth it? Or is it easier that i have a 170 already? Also while im here is a bluefin remap worth it on a 170? Thanks Moz
  7. St170 Xenon Headlamps

  8. A few pics of my interior.... Thanks Moz
  9. Hi, yeah i will get some up, it is so comfy to sit in, i only have the half leathers but you can get full leather recaro seats although mine are plenty comfortable, its a great car ti drive too, not mega fast but quick enough, so i would reccomend one, you will love it :-)
  10. Thanks for the welcomes, will be refurbing my wheels after the winters gone, Gloss Anthracite :-)
  11. St170 Xenon Headlamps

    Anybody? Would be much appreciated Thanks Moz
  12. St170 Xenon Headlamps

    What would be worse law wise, fitting the xenons without washers etc or fitting philips diamond vision or crystal vision bulbs? Thanks Moz