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  1. Amplifier Wiring

    easiest way is to drill the bulkhead. just under the heater matrix.. Also, get your bum into the intro section and say hi! lol
  2. Servicing Opinions Please

    +1 for major service. A focus will keep on going and going, but they need to be maintained to a high standard. I have a customer with an '03' 1.8 zetec over 400k on the clock, and she's as sweet as a nut. Don't skimp it will only cause problems in the long run.
  3. Speed Pulse Sensor failure. It's such a common fault So common i'm just about to change mine for the 3rd time as I'm having these issues too. Might be an idea to dump and refill the gearbox oil as the failure 9 out of 10 times is due to swarf contamination.
  4. Radio Power Down After Entering Correct Code

    Your missing a live, that's why the unit is shutting down after the correct code is entered. it's either poor fitment on the bluetooth kit providing once kit is removed it's fixed, or possible fault with headunit/wiring
  5. Focus Locks Problem With Audio Upgrade!

    Ford locks always pulse on the CL system, its the way they are designed but it's not supposed to be every 20 seconds every 5 minutes if memory serves. The radio removal should not in any way affect your central locking, I have fitted THOUSANDS of radios and several hundred to focus's I have never heard of or seen this fault. I'd probably get it into the stealership and have a diagnostic performed.
  6. Sounds like it wasn't fitted right. Where was it fitted?
  7. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Hello all, For DTC help please find the following link http://www.eobd2.eu/DTCL.asp select FORD, then enter your DTC code. Should be one letter followed by 4 numbers, however your dash may not show the proper code. For instance if the code shown is P117, enter it as P0117 and it will give you what the error is. P0117 is Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Low Input.
  8. Speedo And Dials Issue

    Battery, or bad earths. Focus takes a "063" battery, Take the car to Halfords, they do a free battery check that will tell you what condition your battery is in. If the battery is good, check your earth's. Bad earth's is a VERY common fault on the focus.
  9. 2004 Ford Focus 1.6 Flight, sitting at 113,245. Got it at 15k 5 years ago. So far I have had to replace.... Speed pulse sensor twice, both front calipers, 3 sets of discs and pads, 2 sets of drums and shoes, all hand brake cables twice, all brake pipes, full exhaust system including manifold, ALL suspension springs and shocks, rear bushes, all anti-roll bushes, drivers window regulator, cam belt, water pump twice, alternator, wiper rack, both rear wheel bearings, both rear slave cylinders twice, coil pack. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things.
  10. Ford Sat Nav $64,000,000 Questions

    For what you are looking for it would be easier and cheaper to go with a good quality aftermarket system. I would look into Kenwood.
  11. Hello

    Thanks guys, look forward to giving what A/V advice I can.
  12. Hello

    Just thought I would say hello! Got a 2004 Focus Flight with stupidly high miles on it and counting.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums Bass Junkie :)