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  1. Sync Issue

    Yeah mine does that too. !Removed! annoying but this morning it froze with a blank screen as the OP's did. Weird how they differ with regards to texts but then mine was an late december build lol
  2. Sync Issue

    Well their telling me theres supposed to be an update in March (yes I'm aware its been and gone lol) that sorted out SYNC crashing out with iPod's connected through USB and also text messaging displaying unknown number? Mine does that too I don't know if yours do.
  3. Sync Issue

    So glad I saw this. Ive been considering rejecting the car if they cant fix it tbh!
  4. Sync Issue

    Now this is !Removed! funny because Ford are telling me my car is the only car in the country that keeps locking up like this so they cant fix it!!!!! You wait til I get them tossers on the phone again tomorrow lol. Still not to sure I want to be pulling a fuse out every time but it saves going to the dealer! Its been in 5 times already!
  5. Mk7.5 Drls Dim When Indicating

    Mine does this too - brightens back up when the indicator cancels. Noticed it in a shop window a few days ago lol
  6. Hey

    Hey im Nicky, 26 from Ipswich. Been trying to find a decent forum for ages as i have a 2013 Fiesta Titanium so going to have a lurk here... So er hey! :)
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums nipsips :)