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  1. Hi , i have an 06 Focus Titanium and have an issue with the dashboard compartment on the top of the dashboard. Normally you press it down and it flips up. However when i press it down it doesnt spring up anymore and seems to get stuck on the catch.. I can manually raise it by forcing it but then it seems to want to flip down and not up????!!! Is it a problem with the whole unit? Or has anybody else had similar issues? Help appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Clutch Pedal Return Spring

    I managed to fix mine yesterday. Bit of a nightmare, but this is how i did it. I managed to use the coin trick only, but I used 5Ps instead of 1Ps. Outside of the car, I got one end of the spring attached to something sturdy so it hangs down. Can be anything as long as it doesn't move as you will need to pull the spring down. Then i got a spring puller and attached this to the other end and pulled the spring firmly down. With it being pulled, I then inserted 5p pieces on each side of each coil. so there were about 25 or so. You need to make sure you have coins either side of each coil on every coil. This i found stretched the spring long enough. I then inserted the shorter end of the spring to the bulk head, and with the spring stretched the longer bit went in nicely on the pedal hole. Dont get me wrong, its a sod to get to and access is tight but if you get a decent torch so you can see where the 2 holes are you can manage it. Now, i was expecting the coins to drop out when the pedal was pressed, but this didn't happen, so I had to remove the coins with a pair of long nose pliers. you need to give them a bit of a yank, but they do come out, and then the spring is in nicely and the pedal no longer has play in it. When I first did this I took the advice of an earlier post of using just 15 5Ps and seeing if this would be enough, so this took a bit of time. I would say if you start with every coil with a 5P in each side, it shouldn't take long at all to do. Hope it helps.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums clarky100 :)