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  1. Thanks for your replies ! BTMALDON - where can i find the ICV or throttle position sensor ? JEEBOWHITE - yes, a brand new battery was fitted 2 weeks ago. So it starts fine, first time, with no long turnovers. I haven't put a mutlimetre across it but will give that a try...... JOHNH - which are the earth straps ? Thanks again
  2. Hi Wonder if someone can help. My car is a Ford Focus Ghia (2002) and sometimes when breaking & changing gear my battery light flashes on for a few seconds and the engine feels like its going to stall, but doesn't, and then the lights goes away. It's been happening very occasionally for while but is beginning to happen more frequenly. Two weeks ago a brand new battery was installed and i hoped this might resolve the problem but it's still happening and more alarmingly its happened twice whilst turning a corner and i've completely lost my steering - narrowly avoiding a crash on both occasions. Just wondered if anyone had any advice as to what might be the cause/possible solution ? Many thanks
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Flynns60 :)