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  1. Hi guys, In 4 weeks, my car has had 3 HCV's (2 replacements and the one I bought it with) and its still blowing hot air ! First time round the unit worked for about four weeks, But yesterday it had to be replaced as it had sprung a leak and my car overheated ! I was wondering if there could be another problem thats causing the part to break all the time ? Or is my garage just using dodgy parts and I need to get quite annoyed with them ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. A/c Only Blowing Out Hot Air

    I wont try and do it myself.. I'd end up attaching it to the radio or something ? I cant believe how hot it gets ! x
  3. A/c Only Blowing Out Hot Air

    Oh ! Maybe it does work then ? Im getting it looked at tomorrow at a garage. Just didnt want to be faced with a scary bill. Thankyou for your help xxx
  4. A/c Only Blowing Out Hot Air

    Oh but my A/C also doesn't work :(
  5. A/c Only Blowing Out Hot Air

    Im having the exact same problem. Today it go so hot, the cd in the player wouldn't work. When i managed to eject the cd it was red hot :( Is the HCV an expensive repair job ? Many thanks Jodie x
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums jodie13 :)