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  1. S-Max Spare Wheel

    Crickey, what a welcome. I take the safety of my family VERY seriously. I did a lot of research on this topic including talking to Ford, insurance company, looking at forums and talking to friends in the motor trade so I thought I would do the community thing and share my knowledge...I don't think I'll bother again! Just cos it is not OFFICIAL as you put it does not mean it is not compatible, if you use an aftermarket compatible alternator , does that mean your car will blow up? FYI......The lightest (most are heavier) old model galaxy is within 7kgs of my smax. I had already checked and verified before I posted my original post that the wheel and tyre are compatible with each other and are the correct load rating as mentioned above HIGHER than the smax load rating. Pls don't reply to this thread you have already made your feelings very clear.
  2. S-Max Spare Wheel

    Hi, First post and all that, I have recently bought a panther black smax 2 litre turbo petrol ecoboost titanium and am loving it more and more each day, so practical, comfortable and quick.....the only thing I am not loving as seems to be a common theme is the lack of a spare....we have a trip to france in the summer and I don't really want to rely on the dreaded gunk so I have done quite a lot of research (including reading this forum, excellent by the way) and come up with a solution that works for me...but it may not work for everyone. My smax has 17 inch 5 spoke alloys and I found a 17 inch never used spacesaver on ebay (125/80 R17) advertised as from a galaxy (I believe he has some more listed), I confirmed the load rating with the seller which was 99 which is great as the tyres on my smax are 98. The space saver on ebay also came with a jack and a wheel brace. It arrived today in pristine condition and I have tried it on the rear of my smax and everything is hunky dory. I also found some posts on a bmw forum I think about a bicycle wheel cover that will fit the space saver so I ordered one of those as well and that also arrived today and it fits the space saver perfectly (a little bit squeezed but the zips still do up), http://www.wiggle.co.uk/dhb-elsted-wheel-bag/ so no muck in the back of the car either. After taking the full size wheel off to try the space saver I can confirm the space saver is significantly smaller. I have managed to store all the tools (jack, wheel brace) in the storage in the rear passenger side footwell and I may keep the space saver in the car or in the garage when local but will definitely pack it when going on long journeys and with the huge boot (I have 2 kids so don't generally need the rear most seats unless taking the in laws as well) there is plenty of room for it. I hope this is helpful...oh almost forgot to say, I also checked with my insurer and made it clear it was not manufacturer standard kit but it would be the correct load rating they replied I would be covered as long as I adhered to the speed/mileage warnings on the tyre (no mileage warnings anyway but tyre is restricted to 50 mph). J
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums jimbo99 :)