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  1. I fitted my rear parking sensors today its saying I have to put angled bezerls on but the oem ones ain't I put x vision parking sensor on can u help
  2. eddk1988


    Hi i have a 61 plate cmax does have ford sync I wonder if I can chance it for a one that does and if I can what would I need to buy
  3. I didn't find a spring think it's missinv
  4. Does this work if I find one with same mileage can I just swap it over without doing the programming
  5. The pull up on to put it into reserves is lose how do I fix it
  6. I tried it on full nothing and yeah j cannot hear in much worked when I brought the car 6 months ago it's a 09 plate
  7. Volume doesn't go up when driving fast or slow
  8. Really need help don't really want to pay 75 to find out what's wrong
  9. Need some help the avc on the radio has stopped work I have even tried unplugging the battery and ford want 75 pound to find out what it is can any one he'll
  10. I think it's water cozs it doesn't smell of anythink it's a brown colour