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  1. 2008 Titanium X bulb type

    Evening all, My headlights are starting to look a bit dim, so I checked on a couple of parts websites to see what bulbs I needed to buy. One place said I had xenons but another said I had standard bulbs. Without taking the lamp unit out, is there a way to see? I tried looking on Etis for the spec but couldn't see anything. The car is fitted with follow me home headlights and the beam is off white which makes me think it has standard bulbs. Appreciate any responses.
  2. Mondeo Mk4 Flat Battery - Started With A Jump

    Did you get a resolution on this one pclarejnr? I've been having a similar issue with my 08 Titanium X, had the AA out who mentioned the Bluetooth module was drawing power after the vehicle was switched off and locked and there was also another drain, possibly diagnosed by a main dealer as head unit faulty and drawing power after switched off.
  3. 2007 Mondeo Titanium X Sony Head Unit Fault

    Now the battery is flat as anything for a second time. No lights left on, nothing left on. Car left for less than 24 hours and had no power at all, not even wanting to jump start. Anything you guys have would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Evening all, Hoping you can shed some light on an issue I'm having with my car. The head unit is not powering on, the 6 CD changer in it will eject disks but nothing else. The Ford ConversePlus still knows there's something attached to it and keeps throwing a phone initialisation message up every few minutes. Anybody had this issue before or is it gonna need replacing?
  5. Happy Birthday Oldbeforemytime!

  6. Focus Estate Ghia Rear Speakers.

    I had a response recently on an older post, as there are none in the rear doors on mine there /should/ be wiring but nothing riveted/screwed in. The 6.5inch slim line ones are it seems what you want to use.
  7. Rear Speaker Fitting

    Hi guys, looking to fit speakers in the rear doors of my 55 Focus Ghia. the holes are already in the door card and I was wanting to know how easy it is to fit speakers. Also, what speakers would you suggest and finally, will it work with the standard head unit fitted (non Sony)
  8. Ford Sony 6000 Cd Player - Bluetooth?

    Looking to buy this unit for my car (55 plate Ghia Estate), wanting to know if the unit has Bluetooth. The guy selling it said "you will need to make sure the Bluetooth module is installed." How do I do so? Will it be in the car or in the head unit? Also, I'm looking to install speakers in the rear doors as the blanks are there but not the speakers. Is it easy and is it advisable to do this first?
  9. Factory Head Unit To Sony 6 Cd Head Unit Swap

    Just out of curiosity, how much is the Sony head unit these days? I've not been able to check prices due to my connection being bad.
  10. Upgrade To Sony Head Unit.

    I'm quite new to the Focus scene and I'm looking to put (hopefully) a DAB + Sat Nav model in my 55 plate Ghia, where have you guys got them from? Also, there are speaker blanks in the doors, is the wiring normally there for additional speakers?
  11. Hi d0gMa, I've recently been through the turbo failure, the TSB from Ford supposedly says to replace the engine. I had the garage replace the turbo then check the engine for damage. Admittedly it has cost me almost £1k on a 55 plate Ghia which ticked over 50k the day after I picked it up.
  12. 1.6 Tdci - Turbo Issues

    Hi all! I've been the unfortunate victim of what turns out to be a very common issue with the TD6 engine (I think that's the engine name). The turbo failed and spewed oil everywhere, new turbo, service and general deep clean of the engine cost £950.15 inc VAT. I think I came off quite well from this as I've not had to replace the entire engine. I have changed the service interval I will be using down to 6000 miles as the issue was oil quality. If anyone else has suffered from this and would like to share experiences, here is a good place to do so. Thanks all.
  13. Thank you for the replies. It's in with a garage and they started looking at it today, they said there'd be no warrenty on the work because Ford themselves say when a turbo goes you should replace the engine. As an employee of the group that made the engine to start with I'm not best pleased and would have avoided that engine if I'd known who it was made by because of the issues that it has. Haven't been made aware of prices as of yet but I will keep you lot updated with what's gone wrong. I'm quite hoping that it was low oil that caused it and not something more sinister.
  14. Quick question for you guys, When a turbo does go, roughly how much would it cost to replace (assuming no other damage to the engine)
  15. What Is Your Distance To Empty ? And What Engine ?

    I've got a 2005 1.6TDCi Estate and I'm getting generally on city driving about 450 to a tank of cheap supermarket fuel with RedEx on every third tank. On a long run I've had the MPG up to 85-90. Normally hitting 40 MPG by the end of the tank. Not really a lead footed person but I have been known to blast little boy racers off the line.