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  1. New Car Tomorrow!

    Yeah I opted for full leather. I wanted the heated seats and that was the only option. Glad I did - they've been my favourite thing about the car so far!!
  2. New Car Tomorrow!

    Ah see I think the new grille compliments the Fiesta so much. I liked the older shape but never wanted to buy one until I saw this new face lift! :D But it is certainly a marmite thing I think!
  3. New Car Tomorrow!

    Some more pictures: !Removed! rained didn't it as I was bombing it round the country lanes! So car was filthy when i got back! Gave it a quick clean up! Phew ha. Apologies for not great quality taken with my phone and only did them quick. Will take some more later once it gets a but duller to show ambient lighting and lights etc if anyone wants to see?! Absolutely made up with it - it's the best car I've ever driven. It sticks to the road perfectly, takes corners well and the acceleration out of it considering it's 1.0 litre tag is pretty impressive! What do you guys think of the Titanium with the dress up kit then?! I like it a lot. The Zetec S has an edge in terms of sports looks and I think it looks a bit meaner ha, but glad I went for Titanium with dress up so i could retain all of the gadgets too! :D
  4. New Car Tomorrow!

    So it's here! Pulled up to show room and she had it inside! Said as I was first out she'd keep it in - plus everyone who came into the show room were apparently quite taken with it! Early impressions - built in sat nav is very very good. Full leather looks and feels amazing. Heated seats are a revelation! Loving the red, so glad changed my mind from Mustard. Will take better close up pics of exterior and interior later - I'm off for a drive!! And when I got home:
  5. New Car Tomorrow!

    You're kidding! How'd I miss that?!! Haha. Well that's a pleasant surprise! Cheers!
  6. New Car Tomorrow!

    Hey hey. First post here but been a lurker for a bit. Placed an order at the start of February for a new Fiesta. Long story so bear with me here! Original order was for a Titanium X in Hot Mustard. Never actually saw the mustard colour in the flesh but really liked the look of the dealer photographs and the few that were circulating the net at the time. Anyway, I managed to get a great deal on the price through my local dealer with a lot of neat added extras. As the time (slowly) passed I became more curious about the colour I had chosen and began trying to search for proper photgraphs of the car in the hot mustard. Turns out I wasn't a massive fan of it after all. It looked great in the sun (a pretty vibrant yellow) but out of the sunlight it was pretty dull and looked like it would suit the older gent a bit more. I'm 24... Anyway, I further had reservations after seeing the Zetec S and then a Titanium with the dress up kit added. I much preferred the look of them over the standard Titanium X and with my current car being an Abarth 500, I kinda wanted to retain some element of a sport look! So, I made the decision to change my order. Had no idea if it were possible but I called up and my dealer was very helpful, changing not just the colour but the model - and adding all of the extras that were standard in the Titanium X that made me plump for that in the first place. I went into the dealers yesterday to sign the final documents, get my reg plate and sort my free 7 day insurance out from tomorrow when I pick the car up! Booked in for 9:30 am (pretty sure I'll be there earlier! :D ) and wil finally get to see it in the flesh. I've been really worried about what it's gonna look like and if I will be happy with what I chose given I changed my mind halfway through the order! Anyway, the car will be the following spec: Titanium 1.0T EcoBoost Race Red Full Leather Heated Seats Built in Sat-Nav and Sony CD Keyless Entry City Pack (parking sensors etc) Full Dress Up Kit 17' Alloy Upgrade I did have the rear parking camera on there but a few weeks after I placed the order the dealers called to say that the camera was delaying the build until end of June :o so I told them to remove it. I didn't need all of those added extras but they weren't budging too much on the monthly repayment price (though it was stll much cheaper than my current car!) so I told them if they didn't go lower then I wanted optional extras added instead. And they basically threw everything on! :D So yeah, that's my story. Tomorrow 9:30am can't come quick enough! Should be a nice car! I will of course post pics once I have it for those interested. Only thing I'm gutted it doesn't have is privacy glass - not an option on the Titanium but I think it looks great on the new Fiesta. I'm pretty sure I could add that though!
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Aneres11 :)