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  1. St2 Time

    appreciate the info dude, everyone seams to love this car... i think im settled. all i need now is a couple of months and the promotion from work in august.. then the beast will be mine! ( evil laugh )
  2. Hello Everyone, Im Neuromancer

    thanks very much guys... ive done an awful lot of reading on the new ST... and nobody has a bad word to say about it... :D
  3. St2 Time

    hello everyone... ive just started a 'new members' thread in that section... but im really looking at getting an ST2 in the coming months, anyone have any recommendations...? extras to get? what i should avoid ect? honestly ive fallen in love!
  4. Aright Guys, just thought id pop on and introduce myself. im a 'refugee' from the UKFN forum which has shut down recently. i currently drive a MK6 Fiesta. 1.3 and really do like it. but that said im looking at getting a promotion at work and im SERIOUSLY considering the new Fiesta ST2... anyone have any experience with this car? honestly. all the research ive done has just made me more excited and im curious to see what others have to say... im based in West Yorkshire, so feel free to give me a shout if there are some meets happening. Cheers Lads ( and ladies ) Neuromancer ( Kieran )
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Neuromancer :)

    1. Neuromancer


      thanks very much dude :)