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  1. St-2 Mpg?

    I'm that 17y/o haha! I ordered mine in September, delivery next month! £1,200/yr. one years NCB in March too! Touch wood
  2. Help Me Pick A Colour/trim?

    Got the nav added too for £333 ;) £17,500 total now! Yourself?
  3. Help Me Pick A Colour/trim?

    Spirit Blue Smoke storm part leather Climate control Convenience pack Auto headlights etc Rear centre head restraint Cruise control Style pack £17,250 :-)
  4. Help Me Pick A Colour/trim?

    Same date as me! Roll on November!
  5. Zetec S 1.0 Vs Fiesta St-2

    I hope so, the people over at FiestaSTOC helped me make my decision also. I'd advise you to register, great forum full of ST lovers!
  6. Zetec S 1.0 Vs Fiesta St-2

    So, I've forgotten to update you all, I'm sorry! I bought an ST-2, delivery date is 2nd November :-) Will keep you all updated, thanks very much for the kind words everyone, means a lot that everyone took interest!
  7. My Personal Review Of The Fiesta St

    Great review, I do believe I'll be able to achieve around 33-40MPG in mine however it isn't as important anymore as it's a performance car, I understand that. Looking forward to getting it however, only because I'm in the position to do so and may as well pay £3,000 extra to get an ST rather than a ZS.
  8. Zetec S 1.0 Vs Fiesta St-2

    That's exactly what's pushing me towards the ST haha, that and I know in say 2 years I won't have had as much of a loss as I will with a ZS. I also do like the ZS 17" alloys, they're really nice.
  9. Zetec S 1.0 Vs Fiesta St-2

    The only thing I'm wondering about is, a ZS would in theory last me a year/half before I'd want more power from it (a remap can take it to... 150bhp?) whereas an ST would last me around 3 years and then I'd want more power and go for the mountune upgrade. I manage my own company and I'm doing pretty well for myself so I'm not entirely bothered about the cost of the car/insurance as it all counts on the fun factor. Due to me working from home I hardly get time to myself let alone to go out with friends much anymore. Cost of building a future, I guess. So I'd like to have the car to go out on weekends etc just to have fun and I've been told by several people the handling really is amazing. I know everyone says the I won't drive it much will go out of the window but I only go out lets say 2 days out of the 7 so the rest of the time it'd be in my garage whilst I work, therefore in theory MPG doesn't really matter as much as it should.
  10. Zetec S 1.0 Vs Fiesta St-2

    I'm around 2 months away from 1 year NCB (touch wood) and please note £1600 is overtaking my current car on my current policy which leads until February (which is quite a lot) but a full year would be £2,200. There's a local car meet which ALWAYS happens right near me, roughly around 5 miles away and there's always an ST or 2 there (see what I did there? lol) and I think having an ST would honestly stand out among the usual corsa's and the mk6 ST's etc. I do agree, the extra power would be very nice and would stop me from getting bored for a few years to come (whereas I might want more power from the ZS next year and decide I want a new car after just paying £14,000). My parents have keyless entry on their Focus ST and it really does seem useful, especially since I'm very fussy with security and the ST comes with a Thatcham CAT-1 alarm whereas the ZS comes with the standard alarm, and getting an alarm fitted would cost me a further £250. I definitely agree that if I go to a ZS I'll regret it in a year's time or so or when I see an ST shoot past me on the motorway, I can't test drive either as I'm only 17 and you have to be 18 to test drive the car, but I've been inside an ST-2 whilst the dealer drove the car and he was quite young and he definitely enjoyed driving it. He kept letting the turbo kick in and it was honestly amazing, the seats are gripping and they sort of pull you in and make you want to stay. Well, money will always be a factor but in time my earnings will increase due to being self employed (touch wood, yet again) so I assume I'd see more fun out of an ST-2 as would my friends/family when being in it. I believe I'm just going to bite the bullet and go for the ST-2, going to go down there now and order it. Worst comes to worse, I'll have to sell it. RRP of the car is £18,900 but I managed to get £1,900 off and get it for £17,000 with every option I want. I believe I could make my money back if I decide it's not for me, and my brother literally loves the ST-2 so I believe I'd make him pleased rather than getting the ZS. I agree with you, Dave, at my age, image does count for a lot. So therefore with these two posts I am going to buy the ST-2, I'm taking a little drive down to Ford now to order it. I'm sorry for the countless threads, this decision was pretty big for me and I believe I've gone for the right one. I wanted the ST-2 in the first place and I've gone back to it after days of thinking so I've not second guessed my first option in reality.
  11. Zetec S 1.0 Vs Fiesta St-2

    I'm a 17 year old boy, I can't make decisions very well lmao. My parents are both telling me to go for an ST-2 as well as my friends, I think I will bite the bullet as soon as I place an order that's my deal done. I've been talking to Craig and he's told me £60 will get me around 400 miles. That's more than my current car does for sure, after selling my car the total price I would've paid for the ST-2 is £10,000.
  12. So, I like both cars but this is really killing me deciding between them, I just know with petrol prices going up I could either love or hate the ST-2. I like cruising at speeds of around 70-80 on the motorway, therefore whatever would allow me to do that cheaper wins the race for sure, I love being able to shoot past people if need be without waiting for the car to gain power. I really do like both cars but I'm finding it so difficult to decide. Few questions to those with either: Do you regret getting the ST2/ZS? What's your MPG like and what speed do you drive at on A roads etc? (Please specify ZS or ST) Was your money well spent? How much does it cost to fill your car up all the way? (Please specify) Is keyless entry worth the money as an extra on the ZS, and is it better than using a key on the ST-2? I've got a few more days to decide which car I'd like to get and I have benefits of each really Here's the basics of what I'm considering: Zetec SLooks very niceInterior is semi-decentGREAT on petrol£618 insurance (17y/o)£0 road tax125bhp in a 1.0, not sure if that's good or bad because of the engine size but ecoboost would be good on petrol. ST-2Looks amazing in blueVery nice interiorDecent-ish MPG (been told around 31 with caning)Decent on insurance £1,600 (17y/o)185bhp will be beastly. Here's the differences:Zetec S ST-2 Really, money isn't the issue, however it's sort of depending on MPG right now, I've been told figures of just below 40 for caning the ZS 1.0, cruising at about 70/80. However I've been told using the turbo in the ST-2 will get you around 31mpg. There's around a £2,500-3,000 difference between the two models I want (with the extra's) and I know for a fact an ST will hold its value better than the ZS will... Please help me here, my mind is going in/out on deciding lol.
  13. St-2 Mpg?

    What do you mean by booting it? How fast would you say you were going roughly? Like cruising speeds on NSL roads etc?
  14. St-2 Mpg?

    Not too sure on the differences but the leather seats are a must, especially because they're heated... simply amazing. And I'd want the privacy glass, push to start etc. I may sound like the snobbiest 17 year old you'll meet but money truly is no issue (self employed, own a business, no parents involved) and for the stuff i'm getting £17,000 is a steal, great investment if I do say so. Spirit blue ST-2 with smoke storm part leather seats Air conditioning + Electric Auto Temperature Control (EATC)Automatic headlights + automatic windscreen wipers + auto dimming rear view mirrorFord SYNC Bluetooth connection with voice control and USB portKeyless entry with 'Ford Power' starter buttonSony DAB radio/CD playerStyle pack - Fiesta STTyre repair kit I'd need the automatic headlights, I'm such a fail at putting them on myself (current car is automatic too) and I went for EATC because I can't stand the dial temperature bit, I'd prefer the one with the buttons.
  15. St-2 Mpg?

    I appreciate you sticking up for me :-) Regardless, after speaking to Craig he's definitely convinced me to proceed with my ST-2! I'll definitely keep you guys updated, can't wait to drive my own!!!