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  1. I have had numerous problems installing the Autodab but finally got it installed. It is not functioning correctly. Will not display RDS text and will not switch back to FM. Has anybody had these problems? Feeling this was a big mistake buying one. duncan
  2. Ford Focus Fx Sat Nav Removal

    Thanks for your advice. I will try again in the morning.
  3. Ford Focus Fx Sat Nav Removal

    The FM aerial just pulls off no problem. The GPS aerial is a bluey colour square connector with a small purple tab which I guess has to move to release the connector. Iam probably being quite thick but worried about damaging anything.
  4. Ford Focus Fx Sat Nav Removal

    Does this mean you do not pull back but move to one side whilst squeezing the tab? Duncan
  5. Ford Focus Fx Sat Nav Removal

    Do you mean squeeze the purple tab? Or does it slide? Thanks Duncan
  6. This is probably a dumb question but i am trying to fit a Autodab adaptor into the car. Trim cam of easily but I can not release what i think is called a Fakra connector for the gps aerial. i though these just need to be squeezed and would then release. Frightened to break the connector so reluctant to start prising etc. Anybody can tell me how to release? Nearly forgot to mention its a 2010 Focus 1.6 Sport. Thanks Duncan
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums dunks59 :)