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  1. Red/black Edition

    Hi all, What's your preference on the new black/red editions? I haven't seen any out and about yet, so I'm only going on what I can see on Pictures. I personally prefere the red, as I like the subtleness, I'm interested to see some picture of both if anyone has one! :)
  2. I'm noticing more and more lately of other cars getting the Infotainment systems as standard (Touchscreen, Maps etc). It has been announced for the new focus which comes out, but no news for the Fiesta. When do you think something like this will come as standard to the Fiesta?
  3. New Fiesta Range - Red & Black Editions

    Gave the Red Edition a drive this weekend, looks the business. Drive isnt too different from 1.0 100ps though, only difference would be a faster 3rd gear, from what i could tell. I was putting my foot down when the roads would let me (also remaining to the speed limit )
  4. Just Ordered An St3

    How expensive is going to a hire company for 5 days? Maybe your circumstance is something dealers have come across before and have the option to lend a car to you for a few days.
  5. Just Ordered An St3

    Hmm, interesting! Will deffinately look into this. Is it common for dealers to fit these, and does it void warranty?
  6. Just Ordered An St3

    Sounds like a good deal! How much are you now paying then? Im so close to confirming a deal, but its almost double what I pay now Per Month on my 1.0 100ps EcoBoost! Is it worth it?!
  7. Fiesta St 2/3 Prices

    That's a fair price. How much deposit was that with? Mine is going to be the positive equity on my current 1.0 ecoboost, which will be ~£800 Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  8. Fiesta St 2/3 Prices

    Hi all, I would like to know if possible, how much you all pay per month for your fiesta ST, or how much you expect to pay if you don't own one. I have a varying amount of different quotes from dealers all over the country. With the cheapest being £200pm with Spirt Blue, Spare wheel and delivery to house. This is for an ST-2. What are your best quotes? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Weird Knocking Noise After A Journey

    Hi The Dark Knight, Mine is also having the same issues your describing. When the brake is fully down at traffic lights i can feel it, but i can hear it even when the handbrake is on and the engine is ticking. Mine is actually in for its First Year service today, and i have mentioned it to them to take a look at because it is getting worse every week. It has already been in once to the garage for tests but they couldnt spot anything. Will update you guys on how the service goes and if anything is picked up this time.
  10. Knocking/thumping Sound - 2013 Ecoboost 1.0L

    Thanks, yes it sounds like the vibrating/kicking feeling through the brake pedal occurs in-time with the engine if that makes sense?
  11. Hi all, For the past three months, I have noticed a sound coming from the engine. I would describe the sound as like bass drum sound, I can actually feel the thumping/knocking through my brake pedal, and it can heard with the radio off. It only happens when im stopped in traffic, when i accelerate it dissapears. A stranger part is that it wont happen for the first 3 or so miles, and then it will happen until i let the engine cool down/buffer period. Anyone have anything similar happen? Thanks
  12. New Zetec On The Horizon?

    Hi all, Has anyone heard any more about this 'Red Edition' I spoke to my dealer last week and he still assures me its coming out.. Any news?
  13. New Zetec On The Horizon?

    He said it will only be red due to interior being made to match (red seats and radio controls/speedo I can assume) I think the best thing to do Ecoboost125 is to ring you dealer and check. He did say that it was cars made in March onwards (14 reg) will have them standard on the X only
  14. New Zetec On The Horizon?

    Hi guys, spoken to the dealer. There is a 140bhp version coming soon (no date) it will be a limited edition called 'Red Edition' (Race Red only) there will only be a limited amount made. Also, when the 14 plates are out, all titanium x models will have the rear camera as standard. The KA is also getting a revamp to look more like a smaller Fiesta.
  15. New Zetec On The Horizon?

    Yeah I checked that earlier. If it is true then I think it's something I'll definitely consider. Will keep you updated!