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  1. Hi all, Can anyone confirm the best ST exhaust which doesn’t Drone on the motorway or the least amount in their experience ?
  2. Ok nice 1, I know they come highly recommended so I might have to buy some before the Mountune website are out of stock again I love my 17 plate ST and would never go back to a Fiesta any less now, however it can fidget on roads which look quite decent and can be bouncy on the Motorway, so I’m hoping the springs help with this and the lower stance wouldn’t go amiss either I had Eibachs on my old 14 plate ZS but that wasn’t as bouncy to start with
  3. The MK8 is growing on me as I hated the back when they first launched the car, but the ST does go some way to help those thoughts It does look good in White, but I think my favourite colour isSilver Fox which looks a lot like the ST200 colour which I have always liked Not seen any Mk8 ST’s in the wild yet but it seems they are starting to filter through into the wild to the early adopters I hope you enjoy it!!!
  4. Hi all, Has anybody fitted Mountune springs to either a ST200 or later 2016 ST which now shares the slightly ‘softer’ suspension setup ? Just interested if there is an improvement on the bumpy & fidgety ride the ST sometimes has and if there has been any issues fitting them as I was reading on an American forum where people have been suggesting the ride height hasn’t changed due to Ford slightly amending the suspension setup to try and improve the ride quality and as a result the springs which were originally manufactured for the earlier ST’s has caused the ride height to stay the same
  5. Fair enough, hopefully mine is all alright
  6. Just tried it, I sat in the car and someone else locked it from inside and locked it pressing the button once and again pressing the lock button twice and nothing happened Was that because I was in the car ? If im trying it like Ian said with the window down (it's raining so I can't try it yet) do I need to single or double lock it on the key fob ?
  7. Cheers buddy I'll give that a try soon
  8. Haha yeah I did, I didn't think about that
  9. Hi all, I just picked up a 17 plate ST2 yesterday but it doesn't seem to have a manual steering lock like my 14 plate Zetec S had once the key was taken out the ignition and I turned the wheel slightly Strangely enough my dealer wasn't sure so I done some Googling thinking it might be because it's a push button start (not keyless entry) but I have read it locks automatically when you lock the car, so I thought I'd put that to the test and lock the car while sat in it and test the steering wheel but nothing locked into place Any ST guys out there, can you shed some light on it for me please ???
  10. 10 mpg seems ridiculously high to me
  11. The more I look at it the more I dislike it as well Maybe in another colour it might sway me, but those alloys......ugly!
  12. The rear diffuser looks like an after thought now and almost photoshopped on the picture showing the rear
  13. It's the first time I have looked at a new Fiesta and not liked it as much as the previous version
  14. I want to love it but I'm struggling
  15. There are bits about it I like and bits I don't so it's 50/50 for me at the moment (not sure that colour would be my first choice either) Those alloys are not to my taste and I think the new ST-line ones suit the car better and it's all abit unimaginative as a whole and they have even gone with a similar rear diffuser as the outgoing model On the plus side, the new 3 mode system (normal, sport and track) sounds good and if the car is more fuel efficient that's a bonus considering it's 197bhp and I think the seats look really nice
  16. What's the MPG difference between the 2 fuel types on average ?
  17. I'm looking forward to this tomorrow and let's hope it's not a disappointment
  18. I'd go with round ones, you will get the best results lol
  19. How much realistically do you think you could bag a 17 plate ST-2 for with just the style pack in Black or Spirit Blue ? I think he list price is around £19.5k but Ford give generous discounts
  20. I'm sure you could push them for a great deal on the current Fiesta