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  1. Mk6 Fog Light Inserts

    Ahhh haha saw it was an old topic but thought I'd reply anyway as nobody else had
  2. Both Headlights Blown?

    Yeah that's a good idea actually! Definitely learnt my lesson now and will never leave it if a bulb goes!
  3. Mk6 Fog Light Inserts

    Unfortunately mate your stuck with the second set, the first set lean in a different direction to the others so wont fit.
  4. Both Headlights Blown?

    Changed the bulbs over yesterday and everything is now working fine, thanks for all the help and suggestions glad it was a simple solution.
  5. Both Headlights Blown?

    Hiya Phil thanks for the reply, before i saw you replied I checked relay switches and connectors on the headlight and all were okay so inn putting it down to the bulbs, what you say makes sense and it's hard to think of it being anything but that, was holding on to buy some 90% brighter bulbs but obviously took too long! Thanks for the help Phil and will let you know how it goes.
  6. Both Headlights Blown?

    Hoping somebody could help. 4 days ago my driver dipped beam stopped working and now my passenger dipped has stopped too. Full beams works on both but not dipped, I checked the fuse after the one bulb blew but it was fine, is it usual for bulbs to go as pairs or is there something wrong with electrics? Thanks
  7. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    I'm a qualified chef! Miss my weekends..
  8. Humming From Front Wheel

    I had a similar problem on my fiesta and it was my wheel bearings, noise when turning around a right hand bend could indicate a problem in the passenger side bearing as the weight is shifted onto the left side
  9. Oil Leak

    I see, if its only a small leak I wouldn't have thought its an emergency to get it done, I'd just say to keep an eye on oil levels maybe to ensure you don't run it dry and get it looked at when its convenient for you
  10. Oil Leak

    Hmm was gonna say it couldn't have been leaking around the seals, what about sump plug?
  11. Thinking Of Buying A Mk 5 Zetec S

    http://www.performancetorque.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?2468-FIESTA-Difference-between-PH1-and-PH2-MK5-ZS There you go mate
  12. Thinking Of Buying A Mk 5 Zetec S

    http://www.fiestaguides.co.uk/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6923&sid=f1bbaaed65b7f53ad72516ed6ff4dd88 This may be of some use?
  13. Oil Leak

    I'm not an expert with the mk7s but the smell or colour of the leak can usually be an indicator of what's leaking? Sorry realised you said oil leak.. What side is the oil filter located?
  14. Headlight Problem

    Just seems to be both he bulbs blown on the one side, replaced the side light which now works and will replace main beam tomorrow but checked the unit and it all seemed in very good condition and same with the wiring so hoping its just a blown main bulb.
  15. Mpg Fiesta 1.25

    I have a 58 plate style climate and do around 43mpg which would be around 335 miles on £50.