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  1. Happy Birthday Sox500c!

  2. Programming A Spare Key - 2002 Fiesta

    I managed to put together a fully functioning key for my 02 Focus but I had the original master key so that was relatively straightforward. I had hoped the same could be done with the Fiesta, without the master key. Oh well, worth asking the question. I'll speak to the local Ford garage. Thanks for the advice Joe.
  3. Hi all, My dad has got a 2002 Fiesta TDCI but he only has one key (3 button remote). Can anyone tell me if it is possible to programme a new key without the master key? He doesn't want to pay the extortionate cost of getting one from Ford if he can avoid it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Rod.
  4. Warning Light Airbag

    The crash sensor on mine is at the front of the engine bay just above the radiator. It is under the strut that runs across the top of the radiator grille and held on by two small bolts spaced about 40mm apart. It's a pain to get to but worth a try.
  5. Warning Light Airbag

    I had a similar problem recently and suspected the wiring under the seat. It turned out to be a faulty front crash sensor (located just above the radiator on my 02 TDCI). If you can locate this, it might be worth unplugging it and giving the connections a good clean. It might just solve the problem and no harm done if it doesn't. I would disconnect the battery for 20 minutes before doing any work on the seatbelts/airbags etc. as previously suggested.
  6. Radio Fault - Turns Off On Its Own

    Finally got round to checking the radio connectors, I was able to push one of them further in so that may have been the problem. It hasn't turned itself off since so fingers crossed. Nowhere near me had the tools to remove the radio but I managed to get some off ebay for next to nothing. All the problems with the car seem to be sorted now so I'm hoping for some trouble-free motoring for a while at least. Merry Christmas to everyone.
  7. Radio Fault - Turns Off On Its Own

    OK, I'll take the take the radio out and check the connectors. Thanks everyone.
  8. Radio Fault - Turns Off On Its Own

    It seems more random than that. Just checked with my wife and she says if it goes off and you leave it alone it will come back on on its own. She generally leaves it switched on so it comes on when she starts the car. There is no set time period for when it turns itself off, it can go for 5 minutes or 50 minutes before it happens.
  9. Good morning, Having successfully fixed an air bag warning light problem and a faulty starter motor solenoid problem with the help of this forum, I have one more issue that I could use some help with. The standard radio/cd player in my '02 Focus 1.8 TDCI turns off on its own, after a short period it I can usually turn it back on again. This can happen several times on each journey. It never asks for the radio code so I guess the backup supply is ok. I'm assuming the radio is losing power intermittently but I'm not sure where to look first. Should I pull out the radio and check the connections at the back? If so, can anyone advise me which wire is power and which is the earth? Apologies if this has been answered before, I have searched the forum but can't find a similar thread. Thanks.
  10. Starter Motor Or Battery?

    Finally sorted. My ever-trusting wife decided that she doesn't want me "messing about" with the car again and took it to the local garage. They identified the fault and as my wife describes it: "it was a cog type thingy for the starter motor". Not exactly sure what a cog type thingy is but it has been replaced and the car now starts as you would expect. Fingers crossed that is the end of it and we can enjoy some trouble-free motoring. £80 lighter but my wife is happy, so that's a quieter life for me.
  11. Starter Motor Or Battery?

    A couple of messages have gone missing due to the recent problems. Update as follows... jeebowhite: I have listened in the passenger footwell and the only clicking is what sounds like a relay engaging when the ignition is switched on, it clicks just once so I assume this is ok. The headlights don't flicker. Speaking to a local mechanic and describing what happens, he thinks it is the drive that engages the starter motor with the engine, which is what I had suspected. So I'll have a look at that and hopefully the problem will be sorted. I'll post again once this has been checked.
  12. Starter Motor Or Battery?

    OK, thanks guys. I'll see how it goes for now, I can get one pretty quickly if I need to. Once the MOT is out of the way I'll see if I can raid the Christmas savings.
  13. Starter Motor Or Battery?

    Thanks FOCA, I have just checked and the one fitted is a Bosch S3 004, 470A 53Ah. It is reading 12.8 volts with ignition off, drops to 11.7 volts with the glow plugs heating up and charges at 14 volts. Does this seem normal?
  14. Starter Motor Or Battery?

    Thanks for the info. Having had a look at other threads I get the impression that a silver battery is needed, not sure what type of battery is currently fitted so I'll check when the other half gets back from work. We've only had the car for about 6 months so I don't know how long the battery has been in. I got a local garage to check it over when we bought it and he mentioned that it hadn't had much done to it, so I suspect the battery may be quite old. So far I have had to replace the front brake pads & discs, glow plugs, front crash sensor and changed the oil & filters. MOT next week so I'll wait to see how much that is going to cost. Hopefully most of the expense is over with for now. Any idea how much a decent silver battery should cost? Cheapest I have found is Varta at about £80
  15. Starter Motor Or Battery?

    Additional to the above, I got the car warmed up and tried it again, the starter motor will continue to crank. So I'm thinking that the battery may be on they way out, struggling to turn the engine over when cold, thicker oil etc.