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  1. Mondeo Tdi 2001 - Fuel Leak

    I used a 10mm diameter flexible fuel hose to couple the fuel line and it started with no leak there after. Trouble is now its gone from leaking fuel to not starting :-( Could it be I've introduced air into the system? after i replaced the lift pump and re-joined the fuel line?? Also would the fuel line for a saloon be the same as my estate. Plenty of Mondeo's at local breakers but not estates.
  2. Mondeo Tdi 2001 - Fuel Leak

    Having removed and replaced the low pressure / lift pump I can confirm there is a small crack in the fuel line causing fuel to spray upwards.and hit the chassis hence the earlier uncertainty regarding the fault. Can fuel lines be repaired or is a replacement necessary?
  3. Mondeo Tdi 2001 - Fuel Leak

    The white unit in the picture - Is that the fuel pump near the tank? It leaks from around there so removal is necessary and examination I imagine. How much is a replacement pump if indeed it is the pump? Anybody got any instructions on how to remove it?
  4. Mondeo Tdi 2001 - Fuel Leak

    Not got a workshop manual to flick through which would have helped identify what the variety of hoses are for. I am pretty hands on once i wrap my head around problems and the cause though
  5. Mondeo Tdi 2001 - Fuel Leak

    Not too sure at present? It seems to spray from a hose and hit the car chassis to fall back down in a fountain. I plan to have a look tomorrow in the light of day 7am onwards. I have attached a photo as seen from the rear driver side wheel of the general trouble area . I saw it spray upwards with a halogen light shining on it this evening but evening diagnostics aren't ideal
  6. MJG Mondeo

  7. Mondeo Tdi 2001 - Fuel Leak

    Hi - Can anyone help please? Just towed car back home as i have a fuel leak near tank. Diesel is spilling out from a pipe or unit? If i were to post pictures could somebody annotate and tell me what i'm looking at?At first i was surprised how much oil was outside while driving and then realized to my horror the 'oil' was following me. I've since realized its diesel which spills from in front of the rear driver side wheel not the fuel tank but from pipe or a unit inline with fuel line i imagine. Michael
  8. I think i'm going to take that advice (don't change gear box oil). The car is still perfectly driveable and i would even go as far as to say its enjoyably so (if a little nuanced!). thanks again.
  9. Reverse gear is fine. 1st and 2nd are ok 80% of the time. 3rd and 4th 90% and 5th is perfect. I think i'm going to live with the gearing for now. I would say that it gets better after 10 - 15 minutes driving though aswell. I may check gearbox oil. Thanks for your feedback guys - Much appreciated.
  10. May I ask what synhcros are? Would it be worth swapping the box? (5 speed). The previous owner said its never liked going into first! 1st and 2nd are now the only troublesome gears I would say.
  11. A friend was owed a favour from a garage and thus we we raided a ford mondeo that he was breaking, as such we got the parts free. As for my mechanic friend I built him a pc for racing simulators and so labour free. Clutch pedal seems fine. Can still be hard to select a gear though sometimes. I'll probably get the knack of it.
  12. We have replaced the clutch master cylinder and bled the system and it seems to be okay for now! I'll see if it stays air free in the next 48 hours. Fingers crossed or were going to being tinkering with the gear box and centric slave cylinder. Clutch pedal returns for now and I'll comment on gear shifting in the next 48hrs.
  13. 2001 ford mondeo estate, 177k. I would say that first is the worst followed by second then third etc etc.
  14. I plan to learn the system as I enjoy the challenges of fixing / maintaining my own vehicle. We plan to inspect the system this weekend and if necessary be prepared to swap the master cylinder and hose. If necessary we shall attack the slave cylinder next weekend. It Is indeed a recipe for disaster but I thrive on the satisfaction of diagnosing and fixing all mammer of things. I like to tinker and it cant hurt to gain knowledge of such systems. I hear that these things can ba complex in nature with many parts to contend with but despite my inexperience I am both capable and methodical (I hope).
  15. I do plan to keep it for a few years yes. I also do like to get my hands dirty and acquire more knowledge regarding the mechanics one job at a time. Jobs i have done in the past on other cars include - oil sump change, New Rear shocker springs, exhaust system, Hand brake / rear drum / front disk brakes pads. The engine and transmission etc i havent got any working knowledge of though. I have a mechanic friend that will endeavour to help fix this problem and a couple of other niggles aswell. I may just replace the slave cylinder for now depending on finances. A friend mentioned that there is a hose that connects the master cylinder to the slave cylinder, at least i think that's right (although im unsure of the exact steps). He plans to change this hose for a new one that also has a 'compensator' in the middle of it. We shall bleed the system this week perhaps and see what happens from there. I plan to carry out all work myself though (with the aid of said friend) but i like to to be better prepared in my own mind going into the weekend.