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  1. Hivent evryone i wondered if enyone knows were i can find the vent control under the dash of a s-max it is a manuel knob on a 2007 model at the moment the knob on the dash just turns and nothing happens i know the cable gose off to the passinger side i have looked under the dash and removed partly the wiring box but i still couldnt see were it was anybody know how to get to it thanks all
  2. radio power problem

    thanks for the replys guys if i get it sorted i will let you know
  3. hi i joined about a year ago but i did get round to interducing myself im in my 60s and a male my name is david and i love my ford s-max 2ltr diesel but the heater control to the vents are not working its a manuel switch and the cable go,s off to the passinger side of the car but i cant find the end to see why its not controling the vents is it a big strip down job on the dash as i cant find any pics anywhere on the internet any help would be good thanks for reeding this
  4. radio power problem

    Hello all im hoping someone as had this problem before i have a 2ltr s-max 07 plate and when i open the dorr or switch the ignition on the radio will not light up and show time or anything and when you push the on knob it will come on but no time showing only dashes it will tell you that you have power for 1 hour i thought it was the radio but having changed it i still have the same problem as anyone got any ideas thanks
  5. Boot Trouble

    hi all just a quick update i checked all wires coming from car to tailgate and couldnt a broken i took it to a friends garage and he could not find the fault he rang and autoelectriction he know they changed the boot catch and electric motor and match it up with software and now it works at a cost of £200 all in
  6. Boot Trouble

    hi the catch is working ok and the s-max has,nt got a handle inside the boot but i agree they should have one i have decided to try a new micro swicth on the handle as mine may not give the correct volts i let you no how i get on it may take a week as iam in germany for a week cheers dave
  7. Boot Trouble

    hi there is no noise from the switch but you can feel it and i did remove it and checked the switch was letting currant past when operated and it did, there was no handle on the inside but i have fitted a cable to the catch so for te monment i can open it from inside.thank you for your thoughts cheers dave
  8. Boot Trouble

    hi guys thanks for your ideas i have checked them out but still no joy got any more thoughts cheers dave
  9. Boot Trouble

    hi all iam a newbie i have been a member about 5 months and i have a 2 litre desiel , i am hoping someone can give my good advise on my boot lock i have replaced the lock and had the catch micro switch checked the rear fuse No 5 and still cant get the boot lock to work iam at a loss to where to go now as anybody had this problem?
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums stokerfatlad :)