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  1. Fiesta Mk7 Purchase

    Hi, I have had my Fiesta since May 09 and havn't had any problems with it, really pleased with the car. I think you could read stories of rare faults with any car - many people love their fiestas and I don't think you will be disappointed! :)
  2. Hi. I am interested in buying a new Fiesta Titanium 1.6TDCi and would like the 17" alloys fitted to the car. Unfortunately you cannot have them as an option on the diesel model any more so I would have to buy them as an accessory/from parts. Couple of questions!!! If I did this, would anyone here be interested/think there will be enough interest to buying the standard titanium 16" wheels off me, and what tyres do people with the 17" alloys have fitted so that I could price them up! Thanks a lot! James. :)
  3. raspy's been sold!!

    Sorry to break it to you - http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/autoexpr...s_the_show.html On sale end of this year... :( Been looking at them for a while - can't wait to see the real thing!!!
  4. Ford are officially useless!!

    Hi! Their policies sound terrible! I had to take my Fiesta back a week or so after I had it because there was some slight damage to the front and back drivers side alloys which they hadnt noticed (that was caused during transport). I am 19 also and had no problems with getting a courtesy car, no charge (not that you should expect one anyway!) and drove away in a MK6 Fiesta for the day! The dealer was Evans Halshaw.
  5. Parking Sensors in Action

    Hi, Could anyone post a video of the parking sensors of the MK7 Fiesta in action!? Is there an indication to show how close you are or just an audible noise!? Thanks!!! :)
  6. Hi! I have my phone paired with the Fiesta and it works perfectly, however I have noticed that the stereo has to be on for the phone to be connected and when i'm driving around i'd like the phone to be connected even if i'm not listening to music! Other than manually turning the volume down to keep the stereo on, is there a way to "mute and unmute" it?! Or even an option to set the stereo so that it stays connected to the phone even when it is in "standby"? I think I know what the answer will be, but thats for your help!!! ;)
  7. Fiesta MK7 Mobile Navigation

    Hi, Still haven't got mine... yet!!! But I have seen that the Fiesta supports mobile navigation with compatible mobile phones and have a link to a ford website that tells you a bit more about it (pairing phone and seein direction arrows on screen): http://www.ford-mobile-connectivity.com/mo...gation/overview A couple of questions!!! Mainly - has anyone actually got this to work and is there any supplied software on a CD that comes with the manuals etc. of the car because it says there is supplied software?!?! Thanks for helping me out with this! :)
  8. Got my new Fiesta Mk7 :D (Photos inside)

    I know... it's crazy!!! The worst thing is that a couple of weeks before my "due" date I was told there was a delay and that it would be delayed by a week which was fine - that cannot be helped. A week before the car was due I was told that the car hadn't even been built yet and the tyre issue being the reason why... Needless to say i'm not too happy about it!!! The dealer (Evans Halshaw in Stourbridge) have not been very helpful and didn't return calls/answer messages to give me an update about the situation and are not prepared to compensate for the inconvienience. Asked if the alloys could be upgraded to the 17"s/the car be delivered on steel wheels and the alloys fitted as a dealer fit (I even offered to provide the tyres if it was so difficult!) to no avail. The day they told me that the car hadn't been built - convieniently - they had a vision blue zetec s coming in which the "owner" cancelled it but obviously this wasn't the car I wanted and I would loose out on the extras the Titanium has. I didn't want a car I didn't order just for the hell of it! ;) wealdman - What has your dealer told you about the delay with yours?
  9. Got my new Fiesta Mk7 :D (Photos inside)

    Hi! Your car looks fantastic! Thanks for the pics of your car - I havn't seen any pictures with that configuration! I am waiting for the exact same car as that but with the 1.4 TDCi engine - was due 23rd March but should now be here 5th May (I won't hold my breath though). Really disappointed and (what's clearly an excuse by looking at your car) is the fact they can't get the tyres to put on those alloys. An email was sent to Ford nationally apparently (we have seen the said email) about the delays and problems with supplying the tyres but another branch hasn't heard about this. What makes me more peeved is the fact I ordered mine on the 30th January and yours was on the 31st so technically my car should be here! Sigh... Let off some steam now!!! ;) We personally think they've sold my car to someone else and they are making excuses! Hope you enjoy the car and finger's crossed the scratches that have been left are sorted out! Let us know how it goes!!!
  10. Hi! I am getting a new phone through work which will be ordered probably tomorrow - failing that Tuesday and I am concerned about compatibility with my new Fiesta that I am still waiting to receive. It is a Windows Mobile HTC Touch Diamond phone and there are only a couple of older HTC devices listed on Ford's Bluetooth compatibility list and they aren't fully compatible. Is there anyone here that has a Touch Diamond, Touch Pro or any other Windows Mobile phone that could tell me whether it is fully compatible with their Fiestas or not?! I appreciate your help, James. :)
  11. Hi hedgepig! Your fiesta looks great!!! Jealous!!! ;) The titanium comes as standard with 16" alloys but you can also "upgrade" to these ones as an option (see below): Click Here I wondered if anyone had any pictures of a fiesta with the full dress kit and these alloys so that I could see what it looks like. :) Thanks again!
  12. Thanks gadgetman! I have configured one on the website but its nice to be able to see a real car to get the best idea of it and I havnt been able to find any real pictures... :( Never mind! Thanks for your help again!!! :)
  13. Hi! A random question I know, but does anyone have/know where I can find some pictures of the Fiesta Titanium with Dress Kit and 16" Alloy Upgrade?! I havn't seen any pictures with this mix before and interested to see what it looks like with this set up!!! ;) Thanks!!!
  14. How did you get your New Fiesta?

    have you guys got some way of tracking your fiesta?! How are you getting the updated dates for their arrival?! Just staying in contact with the dealer?!
  15. New Fiesta MudFlaps

    In the brochure for the new fiesta it says that the mudflaps are available on all series except for the Zetec S - Not available with full exterior styling kit. So it's obviously the side skirts that is the problem and the ford mudflaps won't fit.