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  1. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    Thanks for the reply, MarkyR :) Yeah, it seems the only real issue reviewers have with it is the ride being overly firm at times & 'wearing after long journeys'. I guess this is subjective and in a way, they have to give balance to all of the praised it's received since launch. What kind of MPG are you getting now in yours?
  2. Fiesta St Reviews Are In!

    Hi everyone, Just joined today, so be gentle :) The Telegraph reviewed the ST the other day: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/car-manufacturers/ford/10002899/2013-Ford-Fiesta-ST-review.html I'm seriously thinking of ordering an ST-2 but haven't had the chance to test drive one yet. Does anyone have any comments regarding the Telegraph's reviewer's comments regarding the firm ride & "... vibration at about 2,000, which fizzes through the major controls"? This is the first time I've read any negative comments in regard vibrations so just wanted to be sure this wasn't an issue / something to be concerned about. Thanks.
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