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  1. Black Smoke On Start Up And While Revving

    I get a really thick puff of black smoke of start up then nothing while ticking over then if i pump throttle then i get the same puff of black smoke... i also get a tinny sound after 2k revs (like a rattle) car pulls really well no juddying etc i brought a new inlet/exhaust gaskets (cheapish) and to be honest prob does no harm in changing
  2. Black Smoke On Start Up And While Revving

    oh sorry its a diesel. 2001 2.0l with 111400 on clock
  3. As title really i get a puff of black smoke on start up and when i rev the engine. any ideas? many thanks
  4. Thanks. You say drumming... At idle I seem to get a kind of hunting and the engine seems to shake And a kind of tinny rattle when going through the revs sometimes Any ideas?
  5. Hello, Ive just brought myself a mondeo estate zetec 2002 diesel and just wanted to see if there any problem in this car that i shoukld be weary of. The only thing i have noticed is that this car sounds really loud for a diesel but is it just me.. it my first diesel and well dont they all sound loud? many thanks
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums bruders338 :)