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  1. Rear shock absorber knock?

    I've got an Escort 1.8 diesel, when it's empty there is a constant rattle even on what seems a smooth road, if I put a couple of concrete slabs in it, it goes quiet, I've pointed it out to to the MOT man but he says he can't find any fault & I have to live with it, lucky it's an old banger & I never paid much for it. But to its credit, it's never let me down even in all that cold weather we had recently.
  2. New Fiesta Economy ***Poss Rant Alert***

    Hi, What's up with Fusions? I thought it was a slightly bigger version of a Fiesta & smaller than a Focus, do they build Fusions with potential faults? are they known to go wrong more often than most? Cheers, Malc.
  3. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    Does any-one know if this will work on my 2005 Fusion. Cheers.
  4. New Fiesta Economy ***Poss Rant Alert***

    I'm surprised that trading standards don't have a say on misleading fuel economy figures, if I sold you a bag of potatoes & told you there was 67 in it, you'd expect what was advertised, not 47 just because my neighbour's selling them at 47 per bag. To me, that is a load of waffle, if they advertise 67 mpg, they should be able to tell you how you could achieve a similar figure. We have a 2005 Fusion 2, 1.6 auto we bought 6 months ago & the mileage per gallon is a lot lower than the 1.6 Honda Accord auto we part ex'd for it, but we're stuck with it now. Regards, Malc.
  5. Newbie

    Hi All, My name is malcytull, I'm new to this, I'd just like to say Hello to every-one. :)