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  1. Help Needed With 1991 1.6 8V Xr2I

    thanks for the reply, crank sensor has been changed aswell, i have done so much i forget. its defiantly not a regular miss and seems to me to be a fuelling problem. it drives lovely when you put your foot down just impossible to drive slow. will check all earth wires today now. doesn't feel like a cylinder is down, its just really frustrating trying to drive it in traffic. it just wants to be foot flat everywhere.
  2. i have a xr2i which is suffering from extreme jerking, its fine going fast but doesn't like going slow. on a little bit of throttle or deceleration it is terrible. changed plugs and leads, coil pack, air temp sensor coolant temp sensor. cleaned all breather pipes and idle control valve. its had a recent service. thinking maybe tps sensor or injectors? or maybe a fuelling problem. any help or ideas would be great thanks. don't know where to go next and can't just keep buying parts and hoping. thanks.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums bethxr2 :)