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  1. hi all, i went to book in my fiesta for a cambelt change to be told the cost was 330 pounds. not according to the Ford fixed price list, its 249 pounds for a fiesta. oh we dont particupate in that scheme says the receptionist well you are on the list of participating dealers at that price i inform her.. calls manager. i explain predicament. ok he says we will do it for the advertised fix price. result!!!
  2. telecasterak

    Fiesta 2005 Mk6 Cam Belt

    Thanks Dan, i will check it out with the Ford dealers tomorrow just to double check. cheers m8
  3. telecasterak

    Fiesta 2005 Mk6 Cam Belt

    Have just ordered a Haynes Manual for Fiesta 2002 -2008 so that should tell me if its a belt or a chain. Good news is that 100k is Ford recomended for change of belt. As i only do 2000 miles a year , i think i will leave it for a while. btw it runs ok now i have taken the tyre pressure down to 29 lbs/sq for a load of under three people. The tyres were pressured up to 37 lbs/sq which is for a load of three people or more and it ran like a bag of nails.
  4. telecasterak

    Fiesta 2005 Mk6 Cam Belt

    This is disturbing form another forum:- All Mk6 Fiesta's use a camshaft timing "belt" ... EXCEPT ... the Fiesta ST which uses a timing "chain".
  5. telecasterak

    Fiesta 2005 Mk6 Cam Belt

    Thanks Dan, Will my local ford dealer be able to tell me if it has a cam belt or a chain and if so what info do they need to determine this?
  6. telecasterak

    Fiesta 2005 Mk6 Cam Belt

    Fiesta 2005 mk6 54000 miles. is it time to change the cam belt?
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    hi i am alan and i have just purchased a fiesta 2005 mk6
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums telecasterak :)

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      Thanks Steve lookin most useful so far.

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