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  1. Think I have made a little mistake here :P when converting L/km to mpg, I have converted to US mpg and not British :D So I can't really use my comparison. Sry :P On a full tank i get around 370 miles (600km) and if I convert to British MPG I get about 36 mpg. I still Think it a bit low, compared to many on this forum. What do You guys Think ?
  2. I better Call the dealer on monday, and get it checked. Any idea on what could be wrong?
  3. Hello folks :) I am the proud owner of a Ford Fiesta Titanium Ecoboost 125 bhp. Bought the car in April, and It have now hit a mileage of about 3400mi. I am very happy with the car, it handles very well, looks great and all. Unfortunatly there is a but... The fuel consumption. I have trying to drive economically (mixed city and highway driving) but I cant get an average above 28mpg (13 L/km in metric). That is very low compared to the advertised 55mpg. I know i am not supposed to expect whats advertised, but still... I shift gear early, Im not speeding, not driving with cold engine, not accelerating to fast, turned off the AC. Neither am i fat thus increasing the car's total weight :). I don´t know what I am doing wrong. I have been reading some other posts on the forum, and people gets an average around 40-50 mpg. That was about what i expected to get from my car, so i´m a little dissapointed. Is there possibly something wrong with the car, or am I bitching over nothing ? Thx
  4. New Fiesta Ordered

    Nice :) hopefully I get mine on Thursday :D are you sure you dont want the full dress kit. If you change your mind too late, it can be expensive to acquire... at least in my experience :(
  5. Fiesta Dress Up Kit

    Just mailed with a seller from european-parts, and they claim that ford doesnt manufacture side skirts for the 5-door fiesta. They certainly didnt sell them, and i cant find them in the dk ford catalouge. But isnt that just wrong? I have seen tons of them in this forum. Anyone know a place to get them ?
  6. Fiesta Dress Up Kit

    Ok. Then the price will probably go sky high. Maybe my dealers price isn´t to shaggy then. But considering the dk price of the car, i will have to wait until there is more money in the bank. damn those taxes Though i like the titanium grill more, you did a nice job with the change to the zetec grill :) I really like the look of your car
  7. Fiesta Dress Up Kit

    Thanks willy :) those are only primed, right? theres no way of getting the parts prepainted in midnight sky? been looking at your car for some time now, to help me visualize how mine is going to look like :)
  8. Fiesta Dress Up Kit

    Targajek12: Yes its crazy the danish taxes for cars. Thats why theres so many !Removed! cars on the road in dk. Do you have a link or something on that dress-up kit ? KennyJ: Yes i know the UK and the DK titanium doesnt have the same specs. According to the DK ford fiesta catalog page 51 you can get the dress up kid in DK. I am more interested in the rest of the dress-up kit, then the rear spoiler. I dont know the price for the kit, if you order it with the car. But the price for the kit is way more expensive for mouinting afterwards. My dealer said about 16000 kr (1900 £), so i rather live without. Unless I can buy it cheaper online? Same problem for me. They had also started production of the car when i changed my mind :( Bought the 17" 8-spoke alloys. In my oppinion they suits the Fiesta best
  9. Fiesta Dress Up Kit

    Hello. New to this forum, so I hope I am asking in the right place. My long wait for my facelift fiesta titanium (125bhp, midnight sky, 17" alloys) is almost over. Hopefully I will get it on Monday. I ordered it without the dress-up kit, cause I didn't like the rear spoiler, but now I am kind of regretting my choice. Ofcourse it is to late to change the order, so it will have to be mounted after the purchase. Anyone know if it is possible to buy the kit in the correct colour at a reasonable price on the web. My Danish dealer gave me a price at around 1900 £, which is crazy. I know we in denmark have some idiotic high taxes on cars... ( price of the car + 180 %), but still think its a crazy price for a dress-up kit.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Sonico :)