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  1. Solved mine finally. My overheating issues were all down to the little Heater Control Valve. I'd heard talk of this causing issues with overheating but couldn't see how it would cause such a problem. My HCV was restricting flow and, as it is the only route for coolant leaving the block it was preventing circulation of hot water from the engine.
  2. Would love to know the final result on this one, as I have exactly the same problem. Idles on the drive without overheating. Put her under load and the temp shoots up. Bottom hose stays pretty cold, even when water starts boiling and glugging. Flushed the radiator (seemed to have good flow), tested thermostat, felt the waterpump impellers (didn't remove it), no loss of coolant (cap holds pressure)... yet she still wildly overheats now and then with lots of gargling coming from the "vent" pipe linking the head to the reservoir. Any wisdom anyone?
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums ashghinn :)