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  1. C Max Radio

    May try that with my bank account lol.
  2. C Max Radio

    Just to let you know that taking the fuse out worked so cheers everyone for your help
  3. C Max Radio

    Also I can't select CDs to play but I can eject them !
  4. C Max Radio

    If I use the stalk or radio control to turn the volume up or down the numbers move correctly but the volume doesn't alter.
  5. C Max Radio

    On both.
  6. C Max Radio

    Cheers Stoney871 I will try that later on my lunch
  7. C Max Radio

    Sent Today, 10:04 AM Hi my unit has stopped responding to the controls it plays a station but I can't swop stations or turn the volume up or down or play CDs and the display stays on bluetooth saying no phone connected is this common or is the unit knackered ? The car is a 2 ltr diesel 2008 Reply Report Edit
  8. Electric Windows

    Cheers lads Pretty sure I don't have it on my car , tune in next time for my next problem :-)
  9. Electric Windows

    Hi jeebowhite In its a zetec , I have tried resetting them as the previous reply said but no luck so it must not have the function on like you have said . Cheers for that .
  10. Electric Windows

    Cheers gregers I will give it a go.
  11. Electric Windows

    Thanks for the reply DanGersFord Now it's time to go and clean her again.
  12. Electric Windows

    Why won't the windows go up without me keeping my finger on the button ? Do they not have the one touch function ?
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums Gary-s :)

    1. Gary-s


      Cheers Steve