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  1. 370 miles is more like 39 mpg the tank is never bone dry when you fill it. Fill the car up, drive till empty, make a note of the amount of litres taken to fill and you'll get an accurate reading.
  2. St-2 Mpg?

    Why buy an st if fuel consumption is an issue?
  3. Ford Fiesta S1600 Dual Exhausts

    As far as I'm aware all mountune parts are ford approved so I believe it's the same stuff, I'd be surprised if it wasn't. http://www.mountunestore.com/Browse/MountunePerformance/Mk7-Fiesta/Mk7-120PS
  4. Ford Fiesta S1600 Dual Exhausts

    It's all mountune performance parts as far as I'm aware.
  5. Coloured Cv Boots

    Think someone's attempting to drum up some business, posted this on multiple forums.
  6. James's Mk7

    How have you found the upgrade to the brakes? I'll be after a new set for mine soon and those choices sound ideal, how much did it set you back? The car looks good but I actually prefer the standard wheels believe it or not. As for the short shift how's that feel?
  7. Dealership Mayhem!

    It amazes me the efforts some sales men go to, to avoid selling. Rang evans halshaw in manchester as I'd spotted a car I really liked the look of, but it was at their hull dealership. They told me I'd have to ring that dealer to see if they will send it to Manchester, I did that who then told me Manchester can arrange it all and that I should ring them. Rang Manchester again who tried their hardest to locate the car which I was looking at on my computer screen to no avail. I said maybe its sold then, the guy tells me he will ring hull and find out. I get a call from him around 20mins later saying yeah it's sold I'm afraid, I left it for a few hours and had another look for a car, the same car was on eBay, auto trader and still on their website so I decided to ring the hull dealership as I don't trust anyone, low and behold the car was still available. Needless to say I bought jack from evans and took my money elsewhere.
  8. Mk7 Arch Trim

    Might be better to just leave it alone for now, I will keep my eye on other fiestas though see if they have the same problem
  9. Mk7 Arch Trim

    You can see from the dust that it can be pushed flush, I tried some double sided sticky tape but wasn't strong enough. How annoying is it though.
  10. Mk7 Arch Trim

    As with all cars there are little niggles that get on your nerves. Take a look at this pic, my question is are all mk7s like this? It not siting flush is grinding my gears.
  11. Just Bought A S1600

    I'm fairly certain that both seats do not return to their original position, got to a point where it's just the normal thing to have to manually move the seats once I get back in so I don't really notice it any more.
  12. Just Bought A S1600

    I've noticed the seats in my s1600 once moved using the latch, fix in the position it stops in. Anyone else have the same thing?
  13. Mk7 Blower Motor Failure

    £491 saved
  14. Mk7 Blower Motor Failure

    I'd assume recirculating air would pass through the filter but removing the filter is by far the cheapest and easiest option to test first.
  15. Mk7 Blower Motor Failure

    YouTube pollen filter change for mk7 fiesta it's something that can be checked in a matter of minutes