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  1. Hello! Is There Anybody In There?

    Thanks for the greetings, guys!
  2. Poor Mpg?

    Sorry, I mistook Duratec for the semi-auto option! Apologies. But I would like to know if the late shifting is normal, please.
  3. Poor Mpg?

    Can i ask at what revs the 'box changes into top? My 1.6 Auto is reluctant to change into 3rd or top until 2800 / 3000 rpm under medium throttle opening, approaching 50 mph in 3rd; even lifting off doesn't always cause it to change. I'm only showing 32 mpg on a 12 mile journey to work, all dual carriageway (but with 13 roundabouts!). Is this normal: at 30 mph it never sees top gear! I know that your's is the Durashift, but could this be your problem too? (My recent Fiat 500 semi-auto would shift at 2500 rpm).
  4. Having just bought my first Ford 43 years after passing my test, I know you guys will help with any problems that may arise. I dare say there'll be nothing that hasn't already been dealt with at some time or another. Thanks Nick
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Nickm535i :)