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    Focus Mk3 System Update

    Hit here, is anyone aware of a system update for the Focus, assuming this is ever meant to happen? I noticed an ad for a Fiesta the other day doing texts and this isn't an option on my 2012 Tit X, however, one assumes that the systems must be pretty similar?
  2. Hi there, I own a Mk3 Focus Titanium X 1.0Eco I'm planning a trip to France, my first time overseas driving and was wondering if anyone might have advice on how to adjust the headlights without the need for stick on deflectors (assuming they work with Xenon) and without paying the dealer to do it for me! Any advice would be great :-)
  3. Doesn't seem to be, it took just as long to heat up from 0deg as it did today at 8deg and was nigh on instant last time it was at 0deg, as said, it gets there but not before I've had to go through the chill, first world problems yes, but since having the car, the only thing that seems to have a fault.
  4. Not sure when it's started but certainly noticeable in the colder weather, but my Aircon (dual zone) seems to be taking longer to warm up. Temp generally set to about 21-23deg. Blows cold fine and does eventually get to temperature, just nowhere near as the almost instant I was used to, maybe 20-30 seconds, even up to a minute. Any ideas as to what might be the issue Many thanks in advance.
  5. iNVADER84

    Focus Mk3 Boot Liner

    Any recommendations on where to buy a good quality removable liner that doesn't cost the earth? I don't want the mutt or any trips to the tip wrecking my my pristine boot!
  6. Hi there, never looked into it until this point, but can you update the cars software yourself or do you have to take it to a dealer? If you can do it yourself, where might I find the updated software? Also, I have the Tit X with the Sony stereo with Satnav and rear view camera, but NOT the assistance pack, the maps are on a memory stick in the console of course, but can they be updated yourself?
  7. iNVADER84

    Xenon Headlights Europe Adjustment

    Called the dealer who couldn't find anything for the Mk3. He stated however that he'd been over to France with the same setup and didn't change anything with no issues. However I guess he just didn't get caught. He's given me the number of the Ford helpline, but it's crazy to think no one around here had been to France in a bi-xenon.... I'll look for this lever, total shame it's not computer controlled, everything else in the TitX 3 is....
  8. Can anyone confirm whether the 2012 Focus has this as standard or if its an option? Basically, I'm new to the Focus, but newer to the 'about to be a father with a Focus' gang. The bad seats feature some little black 'buttons' in the bottom corners of each back seat with what looks like a child in a seat. It is this or some kind of gang symbol from the previous owner. Not finding a lot of info on it. If it makes any difference, it's the Titanium X 1.0 ecoboost. Thanks in advance.
  9. iNVADER84

    Focus 2012 Isofix - Does It Have It?

    Many thanks! The focus was basically my man pram. Looked it up and isofix is listed alright. Not a bad little tool. I can now look up my friends New Fords and see if they've lied about the spec!
  10. As ones focus Ecoboost features drums at the back and they are prone to discolouration and rust I'd like to coat them in black paint or some other treatment to prevent them from looking bad. Thankfully, I have the standard titanium x 12-spokes which obscures them enough but would like to seal them for peace of mind. Any suggestions/experience with this sort of thing?
  11. iNVADER84

    Drum Brake Paint/rust Prevention

    What would be the best way to clean them? Do I need to run then down with an abrasive first or some brake cleaner?
  12. iNVADER84

    Iphone Connection Cable - Do I Actually Need It?

    Thanks for the info :-) could've saved a few pennies but for £5 I'm not too fussed (maybe a little). I am also assuming that calls are still handled by the car through the single USB cable connection? I haven't tried it.
  13. I was using Bluetooth connection initially but preferred the idea of a plug in connection (as the iPhone battery life is rather pap) so went with the dealer recommendation and found the connection kit (£5 on amazon)...however, plugging the iPhone in with the normal cable seemed to work and give me the stuff I needed... Is there any difference between the connection kit and the standard cable? What's with the aux connection?
  14. iNVADER84

    V14 Tax Refund

    Has anyone done this before? Just PXed my car and took the tax disc for a refund. The v14 has confused me a little though. Do I just fill out the form, attach the tax disc and send it off or do I have to write a covering letter saying when/where it was part exed and/or include the yellow part of the v5c I have been left with as well? Basically, I don't want them denying me the 4 months left on it. Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. iNVADER84

    Focus Titanium X

    Picked up my Focus Titanium X 1.0 (125PS) Ecoboost today. Very impressed indeed. Just a few questions and comments really: The only downer was that the 307 I traded in has been found to have a shot clutch, I k ow it sounds completely stupid, but I have always felt the clutch was weird but put it down to an older engine (up until now, I never knew what a shot clutch felt like) and I had asked a 'reputable' mechanic to take a look at it and he said it was fine, clearly not. Anyways, as I got a good deal from the garage I was happy to let him keep £100 of my deposit, is that fair or was one ripped off? Other than that, has has anyone used the Ford iPhone lead? I'm using Bluetooth at the moment but the control is limited (from what I have found anyways) is it a worth buy? I was surprised to see drums on the focus, but I don't see it as a problem, the lightest car of the range probably doesn't need the braking power if the larger engines/estates. I guess they can look a little mixed through 5 spoke alloys but with the standard 17" 12 spokes on the TitX it masks anything major.
  16. iNVADER84

    Focus Titanium X

    Alexp999, we basically have the same car, sMe colour and trim, even down to the options (exactly the same), just a different engine! The 1.0 Ecoboost really is a fantastic engine for its size pulls well(and maintains it), good uphill (a weird criteria I have) and sounds great (this ranges from whisper quiet to the distinctive growl of the 3-pot when you open her up). It does require some specific gear changing around town and, due to my driving style I have been left without the power I've wanted but that's really my fault. It isnt overly rev hungry and I'm seeing about 37mpg at the moment after 1 day of ownership with some heavy throttle testing. I bought it as a family car for my upcoming child in October and wanted something quicker, better and moderner (it is a word) to last me for a while. I toyed with a 1.6 ecoboost and I toyed with the diesel, but I don't do the miles to justify the diesel and the 25bhp boost in BHP the 1.6 gives over the 1l doesn't warrant nearly £90 a year more for me, or the additional fuel which I am almost sure will be more. I've got the performance I need, and its pretty damn chuckable when I need it to be. I haven't taken many pics yet, attached is an artsy version I took yesterday. I was apprehensive about the colour as I was dead set on Black or dark grey but pleasantly surprised. I also haven't seen many of this colour in or around Weymouth (with the possible exception of alexp999 who at least lives in the same county) so it's good to be a little different :-) Overall, it's easily the most glorious car I have owned, taking the crown from my beloved GTi-6, and p***ing all over my part-exes 307 1.4.
  17. iNVADER84

    Focus Mk3 Boot Liner

    I didn't see that, just purchased though, Quite the bargain really, can never be without a sponge or 3 either. Must get back into Autoglym, used it religiously on my GTi-6 years back when I cared about my cars, the departing 307 was relegated to Turtlewax.
  18. iNVADER84

    Focus Mk3 Boot Liner

    I now look incredibly dim for not even trying ebay. My apologies but thank you for the link, looks like it'll do the job nicely, with a set of mats thrown in for free? madness!
  19. iNVADER84


    Awaiting delivery of a Titanium X in the next week or so, cannot wait to get out of the 307 I've had for the past 5 years. It's a nice car but tragically underpowered and incredibly quirky. Fell in love with the Focus 1.0 Ecoboost (125bhp) after I test drove it, I was gunning for the 1.6 but eventually decided against it as I have a baby on the way that will likely demand some of my money, so a pittance for road tax ruled the day. Please anticipate a load of 'what's this like' questions before I pick it up as I need to fill the wait with questions and reviews, just to keep me sane!
  20. iNVADER84

    V5 Replacement - Experience

    I rang them today, they weren't keen to be helpful and basically just quoted the website for lead times. I have found my 'old' one in my name, but previous address. I wonder if it'll be enough? I guess I could send this one off for replacement but then I could be left without anything for next week.
  21. Hi there, After finding out I had secured my new car, I soon discovered that my V5 had gone missing. Not only this, as I hadn't seen it since we moved, can also only assume that it was in the old address. I sent off for the replacement last Wednesday with a £25 postal order (cant they take Paypal these days) and I'm eagerly watching the door for it to arrive... Has anyone had a good experience with this? I have been told my new Focus will be delivered, serviced and ready next Wednesday so, whilst not a religios man, I'm crossing my fingers and chasing bird crap in the vain hope that it arrives sooner, rather than later!
  22. iNVADER84

    V5 Replacement - Experience

    Has anyone ever been to their local offices for a V5 replacement? Is it even possible? Its totally my fault for being a goon and not replacing it earlier of course, but I do believe I can locate the V5 from my previous address. As far as I know, all they do is fill in the slips and I send off what's left to relinquish ownership (been a while) think this is still viable or taking the urine? :-) I don't want to miss out on getting my new motor on the day, just because of that.
  23. iNVADER84

    Car Tax And Part Ex Etiquette

    I am a week from threading on my old 307 for my Focus TitX and, having never done this before, am wondering if I should leave the tax on, which I bought last month, or take it off and get the rebate? Deal was done over the phone with a Ford dealership and only the condition and mileage of the car was asked for, no mention of tax in the deal, but not sure if it is assumed?
  24. iNVADER84

    Car Tax And Part Ex Etiquette

    I will heed your advice and I'll do this. Thanks :-)
  25. Thanks for the reply. I've struggled locating much info on the web about the system and more often than not will find things about the US touchscreen version ( IMHO, its big and touchscreen but vids show a delay in its responsiveness, so not too bothered ). I may film a review for YouTube when I get it Very much looking forward to getting it though, and the Bluetooth connection is going to be glorious. I messed about with an FM transmitter for my iPhone which was frankly pap (as is the 307 system itself). Is the voice functionality useful as a headset replacement for Bluetooth calling/Siri?