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  1. RT @Rhammified: NEWSFLASH: You're not a feminist if you can be selective about which women's rights you want to fight for I'm afraid. #Burk…

  2. Brilliant article by an FY1 describing their first week as a #juniordoctor in the #NHS #family @DrUmeshPrabhu

  3. Check out my ride on Strava.

  4. In every shared smile and laughter; In every silent prayer answered; In every opportunity that…

  5. Now the business part of the trip is over, it's time to wind down & enjoy the rest of Canada 🇨🇦 #FIPMontreal2016

  6. I was looking for the same, but had the same reservations. I think I might order the ClimAir ones based on the comments. CookieM that car 😍
  7. Look forward to making my first conference presentation at @FIPWC2016 in Montréal. #newbie #podiatry #research @SCP_PodiatryUK

  8. Welcome. I've just upgraded from a Fiesta to a far it seems like it was a good decision.
  9. Most insurers have a limited period for which they provide a hire car, which isn't the same as a courtesy car usually provided by the garage during the time your car is off road. If the third party was at fault, their insurer won't be too pleased to be paying for s hire car for longer than was necessary. Best option would be to arrange a repair asap (doesn't seem like there is any reason for a delay) and discuss with own insurer - they usually appoint a third party accident managing company who have a reputation for inflating insurance claims. Good luck!
  10. I was declined the 7 day complimentary drive away insurance provided by Ford, so tried arranging temp cover to allow me to collect my car last week. They didn't want to insure me either...ended up having to pay for an annual policy which wasn't cheap - may cancel this and give Flux a try.
  11. Aged 26 driving a 2015 Focus ZS (65) - No Mods Annual Premium: £2360 (£350 vol excess) 2 non fault claims, 1 claim for malicious damage (supposedly my fault) and 1 genuine fault claim. 0 NCB as previously named driver/company car with 8 years driving experience. Cover: Fully comprehensive with business use, 12 month telematics box, breakdown and hire car (not the pointless 1.0l courtesy cars) Cheapest online comparison quotes were a couple of hundred pounds more, which didn't include the extras and with a compulsory excess of a staggering £3000 - more than my annual premium!!
  12. That was actually a rather good read...good luck with the he rest of it and look forward to the next progress update.
  13. 2013 (13) Fiesta just gone 54k 2015 (65) Focus just done 9k I'm clocking up these miles daily...should consider living closer to work, or work closer to home
  14. Reading through the insurance threads and I can understand the frustrations people have with their insurance premiums. But then I think about my premium and think, surely the companies are adding an unnecessary 0 at the end of my premium?!! I'd happily pay some of the premiums that are been quoted in here three/four times over and it would probably still come at half of what I'm being robbed of! Three years ago I was silly enough to have bought a 7 year old Corsa (I know...never again, I learnt the hard way) and the insurers then were quoting me at least £2500 despite 5 years driving experience and no claims history! I ended up opting for a company/lease car with insurance/maintenance and recovery included which worked out cheaper than my insurance alone! Three years on and they're still fleecing me for the same amount. That seems to be mostly due to some idiots that was driving around uninsured with false plates and failed to stop, and other low-lifes who find it amusing to vandalise someone else property. This isn't a rant, but I'm sure many others have experienced similar and knowing you're not alone will somewhat lessen the blow!