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  1. Panther Black St-2

    Yeah, is that induction kit, exhaust and remap ? In last months performance Ford magazine the tuners were saying the hope to achieve 250-300bhp! 300 would make a very exciting car anyway!
  2. Panther Black St-2

    Yeah exactly what i would like, thinking the molten orange paint might look good aswell though hmm, what horsepower are you hoping to achieve ? about 230bhp ?
  3. Panther Black St-2

    Thats awesome! Are those the molten orange recaro seats ? The wheels look awesome, they are the syle 17" ones yeah? And the sony dab system, can't believe you got it for that price fantastic car!!
  4. Fiesta Zetec S V St - Facelift Differences

    I think that the ZS actually looks nicer, the grill below the number plate on the st looks a bit crap, big gaps and not very attractive pattern. As for the Transit that looks horrible!
  5. Mk7 Newbie

    haha sorry what an idiot, didn't look at the date on this :L can you delete posts ...
  6. Small Mk7 Door Card Mod

    Ahh ok, i thought you had taken the grill off and spray painted it, and the same with the grill, that does sound a lot easier though!! Thanks :)
  7. Fiesta Asia/australian Grill

    The grill looks very nice, certainly better than standard, I would be interested in buying one! :)
  8. Small Mk7 Door Card Mod

    That does look good! Think i will do that aswell! Do you have to take the door card off to get the grill off to paint ?
  9. How Many Miles Do You Get From A Full Tank Of Fuel.

    Have a 2010 1.25 mk7 fiesta, and when i fill up my range says 330 miles, but i definitely get more than that as i can keep it at 330 miles for ages, average mpg is 44mpg not very close the the combined 52 that Ford say you should get!
  10. Headlight Sidelight Back Cover Question

    I take its the big rubber cap you are on about, there's no special way to put it back on, so it might just have slackened slightly but what you could do is put a cable tie over it to hold it on :)
  11. Mk7 Newbie

    There isn't a mk8, but a lot of people refer to the facelifted 7 as the 7.5, it has the Aston Martin looking grill :)
  12. Fiesta Mk7 1.25 Lowering Springs

    Haha good good, yeah wouldn't have thought the 1.6 would have been much heavier, would be interested to see what it looks like lower though and how it handles, i also have a 1.25, and may do it too dependant on how it looks! :)
  13. My 2010 Ford Fiesta

    Starting off with some pictures from when I first got it, and then some pictures of modifications i have made, and I will keep uploading more as I go :-)
  14. ! Guide ! Mk7 Dash Hidden Storage

    That is an awesome idea! Although the magnets you bought are sold out and have ended and there doesn't appear to be any as cheap on ebay, will have to buy the more expensive ones though because i really want to do that!! Thanks for the idea and guide!
  15. Fiesta Mk7 1.25 Lowering Springs

    Hi there, Without actually knowing I would have thought that the springs would be the same diameter and so on, does it say the diameter on the Lo website for both springs ? It depends on if the springs are 30mm shorter than the ones you already have, or if they are set to a different poundage, if they are set to a different poundage then they will not lower the car as much. The ride will become even more stiff though as they are made for a heavier engined car. Hope this helps slightly!