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  1. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    Oh okay :). Here in Norway it is one of the cheapest second-hand car which is reliable, drives well, and is good looking! The similar (yet better) sporty versions from Honda, Mitsubishi, etc are way too expensive in comparison.
  2. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    I was actually talking about this car Mazda 323 F 1996-1998. It is pretty good in terms of reliability, engine power, handling, etc, but the interior looks quite outdated. Looks like it is from the 1980's....lol (sorry for the links, I couldn't upload any pictures) http://flipacars.com/Mazda/Mazda-323f-BA.html#.UYHhMrVmh8E http://www.autodb.no/bil/view/1447633#img8828297
  3. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    Interesting .-)
  4. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    Not sure...I think it was called 323 F.
  5. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    With apologies to the thread starter......I am wondering, since Mazda 323 Fastback (1996-1998) is considered quite a reliable car with good driving experience, how would Ford owners compare that with Ford cars? which Ford cars (models before 2003) beat that?
  6. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    Yup, that is a big factor for Corsa since a long time. I chose Corsa because Fiesta (1995-1999, and even the facelift 2000) looks horrible. Regardless how well it dives, it is plain ugly!
  7. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    Wow. Thats a shame. It seems that the newer Corsa are not as reliable as the previous one was! I did not experience any single bit of those problems in two decades..
  8. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    I think you are right. I have seen plenty of people with good mechanical skills (unlike me, who goes to workshops :)), trying to get a diesal Opel/Vauxhall. Never tried it my self though.... But I've heard that diesal Opel/Vauxhall takes a long time to warm up (give warm air inside the car), which is a big drawback in -20 C here ....lol
  9. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    What do you mean? In terms of reliability, or lack of gadgets?
  10. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    Hmmm, thanks. I guess that is U.K specific. It is very difficult to find the parts for Matiz here in Norway. The reputable 3rd party manufacturers simply do not make parts for it.
  11. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    Actually I am interested in knowing if you know cars that require this less maintenance. I am not advertising Corsa, I am planning to buy another car :) I never had a problem in finding any part for my Corsa. Very easily, and cheaply available. The parts are much cheaper as compared to Fiesta (1995-1999) as well. As for your comment "the winters can be hard here, with salt on the roads, wet summers, many roads are full of pot holes/ speed bumps that ruin the tyres, wheels, suspension, parts and labor can be very expensive,". I live in Norway, so neither winter is harsh-er in U.K, nor wet summers, and neither the parts are more expensive (in fact anything) in U.K as compared to Norway! I know that Ford is more "better" to drive, but as I said, I am not here to advertise Vauxhall (which is Opel here in Norway). I am interested in knowing which cars (late 1990's or early 2000's-with reasonable fuel consumption) requires only this much maintenance! If you are trying to say that a Ford (any model) would cost "much" more in maintenance as compared to my experience with Corsa, than thank you for the answer :)
  12. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    I have owned Corsa B 1993 1.4 Swing for the last 21 years. The car is pretty economical, and very reliable. In the last 21 years, these are all the repairs, in addition to regular service items. 3 times timing belts replaced 2 times fan belts replaced 1 time radiator cap replaced 2 times back exhaust replaced 1 time calipers replaced 1 time plug cables and coil cable replaced 1 time hand brake wire replaced 1 time rotor replaced 1 time thermostat replaced 1 time lamdasonde replaced 1 time heating element in one front seat replaced Notice that nothing needed to be done about the rust, shocks, suspension, wheel bearings, radiator, dynamo, steering, other electrical stuff etc. There is some rust underneath the doors, but not on chassis, and the parts checked at EU Control/MOT I am very interested in knowing from others if your car (regardless of manufacturer) has given you less, or more problems than Corsa b in similar time period?
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums massao :)