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  1. Wet Carpets

    an old austin ten now thats a proper classic old skool motoring! best way to go! all this car has given me is headache its got good features on it touchscreen ,climate control, heated seats ,electric seats which have never worked, !Removed! lighter never worked, xenons lights, alloys cruise control, front electric screen and a few more little handy things but the faults on it, omg, better of with a roller! lol now i got this wet carpet problem and its doing my knacker in! as if i aint got enough grief with the lump and now this! id like to meet the guy that designed this engine, love to go to town on him, and get my money back off him! i want one of them old mercs ,their bomb proof, cant go wrong!the old tank ones! safe comfortable and durable, wont be giving me no codes will it! lol amount of times iv had the egr off, intercooler pipe splitting , starter going on me! now the dmf is knocking, thanks a lot got a monkey in money written all over it! the damn thing wont budge from limp mode car aint worth a toss feel like getting my baseball bat and going to town on it! i was thinking, if i did that it would probably give me a code! p000000000000000000000000000000000000000 non starter lol
  2. Wet Carpets

    that is a bygone era! my old man used to have the zepher , lotus cortina, granadas . 3litre s capris , he worked for fords at the dagenham works! had a few granadas as well! i was bought up in them cars, the days where as a kid you could stand up in the back lol thing is they dont make motors like that anymore, they could take a hammering and keep going simple to work on and quick fixes now its just get shafted time on these so called environmentally friendly cars, nonsense! next car im getting is gna be classic, at least wen it messes up il have half a chance! forget the expense, im sure i will not lose more money that iv lost on this 2litre tdci! !Removed! engine!
  3. Wet Carpets

    japanese motors are the best and most reliable!
  4. Wet Carpets

    thanks chris! will have a butchers at the rear around the back etc and check the light clusters! been doing my homework reading other threads on other sites. some say it could be a seal around the bulkhead where the fresh air comes in through a vent another saying door cards etc remove and reseal the plastic membrane inside. another saying that remove carpet and plastic trim around the bottom drivers footwell where it meets the door remove some electric units underneath drivers side dash in the corner and behind that you will see some yellow filler which should be a bit discolored brownish, and thats where the water is coming through ,reseal with sealant and refit, end of water coming in! what a joke and what a carry on, my only saving grace is the water hoover i got lol! noticed as well because of the condensation in the car, windows and windscreen steamed up when i get in motor in the morning. takes donkeys to clear the screen lol since iv had motor pure grief and assache, tensioner egr manifold intercooler pipe twice, limp mode, injector issues, dmf knocking, and now got a p2263 code, been told to replace maf sensor, etc or the killer blow,, turbo replacement lol what a joke! every problem has so many different answers and codes and grief! never going to buy ford again in my life, even if someone offered me 1 on the house, go tell them to take a hike ,thanks but no thanks! say what you like everyone,,jap motors are the best and most relaible!! more reliable than ford anyway! there was a old saying in the 70s 80s FORD AND PROUD OF IT! lol lol lol that saying is extinct!!
  5. hello guys 54 plate 2litre tdci ghia x estate yet again another few days of sleepless nights wifes about to give birth any day and the cars broken its waters!!!! front drivers side carpet drenched drivers side rear passenger footwell carpet drenched around the pedals at the drivers footwell top and around the edges all dry underneath driver seat is dry loads of water had gathered up at drivers footwell luckily got a hoover that picks up water, done a good job! few days later same thing went to town on all the drainage holes underneath doors with a thin screwdriver all d doors at the front where d wipers are and plastic trim,cleaned all that area , cleaned out all the drainage holes , all the leafs etc, took my time! i have to point out this was all recent ,noticed it at the time of that storm we had a few weeks ago, also its been chucking it down on the regulars since that storm so the car like all others has taken its fare share of rain hitting it! noticed its not really rectified the problem! after it rains im out there with the water sucker hoover getting on my nerves now it must be a common problem and a common solution to it! if anyone can help , pls do, i thought it was my other half that was gonna get the carpets wet lol the car has beaten her to it!!!!!!
  6. Tdci Problem.help!!!

    jump on a ferry in limp mode!
  7. your rite ,,is it worth the doe???? its done 110 000 miles and alread spent £400, now looking at double that, by the time iv got the parts directly from fords with a staff discount and labour charges from a friend whos a genius of a mechanic lookin at between £ 500 n £650 so overall il be out of pocket good part of a grand!!! with the hassle of getting another good motor , its all time consuming and loads of travelling involved etc etc!! i dont know, the car is needed on a regular basis and holds it own when running on song, its one il have to think about and work around! should av just stuck to the vauxhalls and jap motors!!!!!
  8. either way im buggerd, if its what you say, a synchro problem or clutch friction plate or release bearing etc its all got to come out !! and if it comes down to it and all the guts of the car are out ,i might as well change the dmf,, not really going to be dropping everything like gear box sub frame etc every week ami! iv heard that the solid flywheel is worth putting on, and iv also read on the forums that it isnt due to the fact of load pressures etc and that why would ford design a engine that takes a dmf when they could easily have put a solid flywheel in?? also iv heard about these uprated dmfs etc and some with nylon between the flywheel etc! all opinions are welcomed!!!
  9. thanx for replying stooge75 very informative reply i must say, you read my mind!!! your rite, could just be exhaust knocking, hence once its warm sound goes away! then again your on the money with metal behaves strangely at different temps!! today i started her up on the button , within about few seconds intermittent knocking like somethings lose, so i just RESTED my foot on clutch pedal with hardly any pressure, could feel pedal kind of vibrating from the souls of my foot! pressed down until my biting point ,sound goes away , less vibrating in pedal,,den i press all d way down,, a little knocking but very slight,, den i slowly lift up, knocking stops,,, slowly bringing the clutch bak up to biting point, ,little knocking!!den i bring it all the way up and exaggerated knocking again,, so i put the car in gear and shot off,, going thru the gears, running sweet,, stopped at lights after abt 5 mins driving, stuck it in neutral took foot of clutch let her idle,, very slight knocking then about 2 mins later still waiting for lights to change sound completley gone!! now to the point of the crank pulley??? if it was crank pulley would there be that much vibration or knocking sound?? i know a lot of the guys on forums religiously swear to change crank pulley wen doing tensioner etc but i didnt bother, thinking bak i shouldav!! its about £100 before staff discount! gonna jack her up again on saturday and hold my balls and pray its not the dmf,, if it is then im getting the aa engine cover insurance and let then pay for the 1st £500 pounds of the bill including labour,the rest il av to fork out ,probably another 2 0r 3 hundred quid! THATS WITH ORIGINAL PARTS with regards to clutch pressure plate ,again your rite, could it be my thrust bearing??? i might as well confess iv noticed another noise when im changing down gears ,4th to 3rd especially ,a whining sound, warm or cold its always there, could be gearbox or gearbox mounts ??? bearings ?? only happens when im changing down! goes up through to 6th gear no noise, when cuming down the gears whining at byting point in evry gear down to 2nd!!! cars done 110 000miles,, iv heard some of these 6 gear gearboxes do 150 000 miles with no hang ups , are they prone to bearing problems??? long post for a long problematic car , gonna call my car alex higgins from now on, , moody unpredictable and and a flawed genius! all thanks to ford designers!!!
  10. could be injector, could be a number of things, check egr check splits in intercooler pipe, check injectors, clean out manifold, that usually breaths new life into the engine!
  11. with regards to tensioner etc isnt it recommended to use the original ford tensioner,, patented part like tensioner hasnt really got a long life , start knocking again after abt 10 000 miles well thats what iv been reading on earlier posts!
  12. Bulb Shopping Recomendations

    best place for all bulbs and original as well tried and tested is www,hids4u.co.uk tried and tested mate!
  13. hi 2 liter tdci estate ghia x 2004/5 always given me a head ache so after some good advice got the infamous tensioner done with belt ,original ford parts , jak d ripper price but i got a staff discount , got the service parts aswell oil, filters and and fuel filter changed and air filter, took of egr ,2nd time , gunked up bad,took of manifold ,omg was that gunked up or what!!! used a good old degreaser from a mates bus garage,took a few hours but eventually got the egr and manifold spotless,,, intercooler pipe was split,, only bought it about a 18 months ago and the bugger split again. again original ford ,,just for intercooler pipe is about £55 before staff discount! wat a !Removed!! power steering pipe from reservoir was knackered , changed dat as well! topped up power steering fluid. after all that and sum good old fashioned elbow grease replaced all nakerd parts and filters and car was ready to start, actually sounds like a diesel now.. was gonna change crank pulley but thought bolox to it! runs sweet now, but !!! always a but when on cold start getting a knocking sound, horrible , not the belt or tensioner, checked! at cold idle, sound is exaggerated when i slightly raise revs sound goes away, when i let it idle again sound cums back, also when i press clutch down half way sound goes away,, so what i do now is when i start the motor on cold start i put foot down on clutch and start ,leave foot down until motor has warmed up ,let go and then no sound once warmed up! its irratating at the worst and after shelling out wonga on parts and labour, bit gutted to get this knocking sound on cold start only! could it be dmf or crank pulley or clutch???? how do i nail this problem and how do i check if its any of the above??? ps no fault lights illuminated!
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums zoy :)