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  1. 05 Focus Rev/idle Problem

    Just got back from Ford (spent 4 hours sat in there reception) Turns out the washer jets have been leaking into the spark plug area, which is causing a major misfire. Ford cannot get the spark plugs out becuase they are coroded due to the water.
  2. 05 Focus Rev/idle Problem

    Hey everyone, newbie here :) I have a problem with my 05 Focus Petrol, I was in a traffic jam today and all of a sudden my rev counter automatically raised and stayed at 2000 revs, and i lost all control of the accelerator, and also a warning light came on the dash board that is an exclamation mark with what looks like a cog arround it. When i restart the car it goes back to normal for about 3 mintutes and it happens again, It also happens when im driving, which is scary to say the least. I have tries it tonight and the car struggled to start, i had to rev is quite high for a while to get it to idle, when it idled it was on for about 15 mins without it happening, but this time it was idling at 1000 revs, and then slowly started falling, and the car started to shudder, i felt that if i left it any longer, the car would either cut out, or blow up. Does anyone have any past experience in this? Please help, it is well and truely appreciated. Thanks Matt
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums complex.matt :)