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  1. Mondeo Mot Failure Help Please

    I took it to one MOT station and the garage said it filled the the building with smoke so they didn't bother going through with an MOT, they suggested to changed head gasket, and give it oil change (got correct oil from haynes manual for the car), that was done, I then changed air filter, changed plugs and leads also at that time. Took if for the MOT again but to a different garage (the one posted above in the image) after the failure I then tried the additives and redex, took it back again and still failed. After all that apart from changing the CAT I am clueless. The smoke coming from the car looks blue'ish white. I would be grateful if you could explain about the coolant temp sensor please. Thanks
  2. Mondeo Mot Failure Help Please

    Fuel consumption's pretty good considering the mileage I do and the engine size. Should have also said air filter was changed too. Thanks again for all suggestions.
  3. Mondeo Mot Failure Help Please

    Hi thanks for the reply, It has had some additives put in the car, can't remember name atm will reply once I find out, I have also tried redex and stem seal revivor. I don't really drive it far, which is why I have now gone to a fiesta, It was mostly around 10/15 miles a day on average, but I did give it a good drive before taking it for an MOT, still no difference. Thanks
  4. Hi, I was hoping somebody could help, I have a Mondeo 2003 1.8 Zetec, a while back I put through an MOT to have it fail, the garage didn't really explain to much on what it failed on just emissions. I am getting a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust, I have changed the plugs, leads and had a new head gasket put on. I have copied the failure form out to see if anyone here could shed more light. Results are below, thanks again for any help.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Darren Lewis :)