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  1. Remap Advice

    Thanks for all of your advice, I will look into a Panel Filter before upgrading the power. On a separate note I'm looking to change the Front Discs (Grooved/Drilled) and upgrading the Pads, not the callipers. This is purely a next stage upgrade but need to know what will be the best Brand. I'm not looking for Track Day Pads/Discs, it will be for Road use. Where is the best place to buy them?? Any advice welcome. Cheers
  2. Hi, I'm looking to have my ECU remapped by Dreamscience in Hull. This option seems to be the most reputable amongst Form Owners. It would be the "One Shot" package that increased the BHP to 260 (From 225) and doesn't require any upgrades on the Exhaust or Turbo. Has anybody done this and was it a good option?? they also do a 290BHP for the same money but I'm a little concerned this may cause issues??? I only use the car at weekends and do about 3k PA. Cheers
  3. Focus O/side Bang

    Hi Guys, Thank you for everyone that has replied to my original Message. We located the issue to the "Gear Box Top Mount" which is located below the battery. We had to replace the Mount but we also had to replace the "Cast Metal Mould" that sits on the Mount to keep it Rigid. This had sheared into 3x pieces!!! We also had to replace the "Lower Mount" that keeps everything from moving when you push the engine hard!! A good lesson nonetheless. This issue has completely rectified the O/S Banging issue when going over large bumps!!! The Spring and Suspension Mount on the O/S are in good condition.
  4. Focus O/side Bang

    Hi Stef, No we haven't looked at the spring yet, this will be our next step before looking at the suspension mount. Just wanted to see if this was a common fault before doing any more. Thanks for your reply!!
  5. Hi Guys, Wondering if anybody can help? On my Focus ST (09) when driving over large potholes or Speed Humps the O/S (Drivers) makes a nasty bang/crack noise. Over smaller bumps the car rides them well. Having looked its not the front arm bushes so im thinking it may be the Suspension Mount? Has anybody had similar issues? Any advice would be welcome. Cheers
  6. Hi Guys, Brand new to this so bear with me. Just need to see if anybody can give me some advice on the following..............?? Mainly when driving in reverse when the clutch is pressed and released or holding the car on a hill, there is a loud ticking noise. This sounds like a loose cable is knocking when playing with the Clutch but the Clutch is hydraulic so it wont be this. This also happens when driven quite hard through the gears. We have located the noise to below the battery which is the "Gearbox Mount" and it seems this may be location of the problem. Does anybody have a Mk2 or Mk3 2.5 Focus ST and have had a similar issues? I just want to get some feedback before going to my local Ford Dealer. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Dickie76 :)