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  1. S-Max 2.5 Fuel Sender Unit

    Thanks all - as OP thought I'd just say that jeebowhite was correct - the problems seems to have solved itself. Light hasn't come on incorrectly for a while...
  2. S-Max 2.5 Fuel Sender Unit

    Yup - in fact it has just 'fixed itself' this morning after the light came on at the weekend - more that half a tank left. But it will go again.... I guess that might be how the problem started in the first place - perhaps over keen over a speed ramp. Might leave it for now. The local mechanic said labour would be around £100 for taking out the tank. Don't fancy spending 220 odd quid just on this...
  3. S-Max 2.5 Fuel Sender Unit

    Hi gregers Appreciate the link and I've taken a look but I'm afraid I don't really know what to look for or how that helps me!
  4. S-Max 2.5 Fuel Sender Unit

    Unfortunately, the petrol light on my S-Max 2.5 comes on when the tank is half full or so and then reads nothing at all. The local mechanic reckons the fuel sender unit needs replacing but these are around £350 from Ford brand new I've found one on eBay for £120 but the same place is also selling the same unit for a Focus 2.5 for only £48. Question: Does anybody know if these are actually interchangeable - the engine is the same! (They do have different part numbers, but there you go). Thanks.
  5. Stereo Dilemma.

    Hey again. Can you confirm that you've successfully swapped out this head unit? http://www.flickr.com/photos/bhareven/8867248285/ I'm in touch with Pioneer directly and they are not convinced it can be done. :-(
  6. Stereo Dilemma.

    Hi 137699 Do you still have that fascia you mentioned?
  7. Stereo Dilemma.

    Brilliant! - that is really good to know - thank you. I wanted to go with this one. http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_927709_langId_-1_categoryId_265865 Do you happen to know what adaptors I'll need to get this to work with the steering wheel controls? As well as one of those I think I'll also need an iPod cable lead, and possibly an external aerial for the DAB. As for the adaptor, basically I'm skint right now so I can't - are they rare and are you likely to have one in a couple of months? And how you know so much about this - you do this for a living? ;-)
  8. Stereo Dilemma.

    Hey Been reading this and wondering if anyone can help? I have picked up a S-Max 2.5 - I think it's a Titanium X as it has the 18in wheels and a panoramic glass roof. It also has a stereo CD AM/FM head unit that's pretty awful- the CDs skip, the FM reception is pants and there's no USB port for iPod control - just an Aux input. It also has a DVD navigation that I will never use. I wanted to replace it with a new head unit but the heating control for the car are built into the stereo and according to someone from Halfords, and a Ford dealer on the phone, I cannot replace it with anything. I'm stuck with it. Looking for a third opinion here - so any input welcome, thanks.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Blagmeister :)