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  1. MattyD

    Side View

    Sounds nice. I plan on doing some mods to my mk3 this years as i am getting rid of my mk2 and getting the mrs a fiesta so will be claiming the mk3. I really like the car so won't be doing too much to it just a few appearance mods like lights, new alloys and some wind deflectors etc. Nothing major. Matty
  2. MattyD

    005 (800x409)

    That explains the good quality. Ye i just used some rattle cans it did the job for what wanted at first but wish ide of done a proper job to start with now haha. Getting rid of the mk2 in nov an getting the mrs a fiesta so will be claiming the mk3 myself. Ill be making some changes to that then lol.
  3. MattyD

    005 (800x409)

    Did you do the colour coded bits of trim yourself? You've done a good job if you have. I've colour coded some of my trim on my tonic blue mk2 focus as well but it hasn't come out quite as good as yours.
  4. MattyD

    Side View

    Nice motor. Ive got myself a mk3 Focus titanium in the same, lunar sky, colour. Do you plan any making any mods to the car at all? I like the rear tints on the windows i think ill be doing this to mine before too long.
  5. MattyD

    My focus

  6. Thanks for the response guys. Jeebowhite, if you would like those knobs you can have them by all means as i have already seen a set im interested in. thanks for the offer though gforce :)
  7. Was thinking of adding some interior mods to my list of things to do with my mk2 focus. Thinking maybe change the heating control knobs and maybe spraying some plastic trims. What do you guys think? Any ideas and pictures of things you like or have done to your own focus?? Cheers :D
  8. MattyD

    Removal Of Rear Bumper Trim On Mk2 Focus

    I removed tht bit of trim few months back to spray it. If you check out my pics you will be able to see it from a rear pic I have on my pics. I used a kitchen knife and very slowly pulled it off. A tip is to push the knife in from the underside of the trim as this is easier due to how the clips are located. Be carefull as tto not bend the plastic too much tho as you pull it away from the bumper :)
  9. Salsheik, im looky enough to be allowed in the spare room when it comes to doing spraying and stuff ;) but ye will probs wait abit for some better weather!
  10. Im also going to look at doing the boot trim above the number plate and maybe the spoiler but I think im gunna look into getting my hands on an st spoiler first ;) The door trims im going to leave I think and maybe try get hold of some already colour coded from another focus in the same colour. Ive heard removing the door trims is risky and dnt fancy spraying while still on the car :/
  11. Looking forward to the results myself gforce. Thanks for bringing that up artscot thats summat ill need to bear in mind. Ill just have to make sure I do plenty of coats with the laquer if I go ahead with it. Role on the decent weather so I can get it sorted. ;D
  12. Thank guys, some usefull advice from gforce. Will take a look and start the work as soon as the weather picks up abit then ill decide whether to go back to black on the fog surrounds. Ill post some pics of the completed work aswell.
  13. I have done some colour coding work on parts of my car already but was thinking of maybe spraying the black plastic that runs allong the bottom of both the front and back bumpers. Has anyone done this already or know of how to remove these plastic bit from the bumpers? Ive not really looked at them properly yet as the weathers been so bad but thought ide ask on here first before i just go tinkering with them. Thanks
  14. MattyD

    Rear Window Condensation

    This is very common especially at this time of the year, my rear window always becomes condensated on the inside. Its a right pain but i usually give it a quick wipe on the inside to remove the bulk of the moisture and water droplets etc. This seems to help a little especially if your in and out in the car all day as i find it doesnt keep steaming up all the time. :)
  15. MattyD

    Aftermarket Alloys

    Real nice focus you've got their. Looks mint :D