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  1. The "Shift-Up" function is very important in Focus ST/RS (and oder 2.5T cars), during the engine warming up. As long as the engine oil is cold, its pressure can be very high, and this could be dangerous. So the point when the "Shift-Up" indicator is activated, depends on the current oil temperature and the engine speed. As soon as the engine reaches the recommended temperature, the "Shift-Up" activates - as JW1982 said - about 500 RPM before the engine speed limit.
  2. Installing the FL instrument cluster in a '06 Focus is not a nightmare. I have done it in my ST a few months ago (many thanks to JW1982!). It can be done at home, but an additional particular interface/software is needed. I used "FoCom" for this. It is sometimes available on Ebay for 40-70 Euros. This is the price for a simplified, chinese version, but for pairing the keys with instrument cluster and ECU it is perfect. The only little drawback is that an on-line internet connection is needed during pairing, but it can be avoided using one of easily available outcode/incode generators. It is important to backup every configuration (except HEC Page 3) of the old instrument, and to tick "HEC Level 2/3" and "Clock" in a new one.
  3. Actually you don't need to re-calibrate... There is as little as 2.65mm difference in tire height.
  4. Hi, these two mysterious versions of the Ti-VCT engine/firmware ("dorestayl and Restayl") mean simply 'before and after facelift'. (including mezhrestayl) means some transitional version (never heard of). Both firmwares are not compatible, but the newer version can be used in older cars.
  5. It is not a matter of the ELM327 chip... The problem is with the data transfer via USB. From the programmer's point of view, it is quite complicated to properly arrange data transfer through the USB interface. One of the simplest solutions is the creation of virtual COM ports (of course, dedicated chipsets are needed) - virtual COM ports are easy to program. This, however, has many drawbacks, eg. speed and reliability. It is much better to use a special chipset, which does not require virtual COM ports and uses "direct drivers" instead. FTDI makes such chips - unlike virtual COM ports they are fast, reliable and easy to program (they are already pre-programmed by the manufacturer, freeing the programmers from the most tedious work). So it's clear, why the ELM327 interfaces with FTDI chipset are strongly recommended. PS: FTDI chipset can be used also with virtual COM ports - drivers for both modes (VCP and DD) can be downloaded from the FTDI site.
  6. You have to configure the interface to MS-CAN mode. It is on the first page of the ELMconfig...
  7. Hi, I am not sure how it is in a 1.6 TDCI, but in my '06 Focus the GEM is integrated with a fuse box.
  8. It's a really BIG gift! I was looking for this for months. Many thanks!
  9. Hi everybody, my name is Tom. After a few months of watching this forum, I decided to register. I am a proud owner of a heavily modified '06 Focus ST :-) My previous cars: Fiesta XR2i, Fiesta Sport, Puma 1.7, Fiesta ST150, Cougar 2.5 V6, Cougar 3.0 V6 (modified). I think this is a very good place for every Ford enthusiast.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Krait :)